REPORTAGE. “When you have a uniform, you don’t allow yourself to go wrong”: the gendarmerie organizes stress management workshops for its workforce

REPORTAGE When you have a uniform you dont allow yourself

About fifty gendarmes are seated, their eyes closed, Monday, June 20 in the afternoon, at the judicial center of the gendarmerie in Pontoise (Val d’Oise), guided by the voice of Dr Corinne Isnard Bagnis: “Imagine a flashlight. As if the beam of the lamp was going to walk around in different parts of your body. … Read more

How to manage stress before the baccalaureate exams –

How to manage stress before the baccalaureate exams Reformenet

Posted on June 10, 2022 (Updated 05/31) To print Download PDF By Laura Salamon What to do when the stress arrives before a test or at the approach of the exams? The response of the Protestant psychologist, Edith Tartar-Goddet. The first exam of the baccalaureate is Wednesday, June 15th! Some students are not particularly anxious. … Read more

The benefits of Reiki for stress reduction –

The benefits of Reiki for stress reduction – Masculincom

After a stressful and still very anxiety-provoking year, summer vacation is finally coming to an end. To take full advantage of it, we are going to give you the keys to take the pressure off and avoid stress. Reiki can help you with this. Discovery of this practice of relaxation and meditation with Sabine Boulay, … Read more

How athletes protect themselves from stress

THE ESSENTIAL According to researchers, mindfulness allows high-level athletes to better manage their stress. This in-the-moment meditative practice has a significant effect on anxiety, depression and pain. Elite athletes are known for their stamina and determination, and the Roland Garros matches right now are a good demonstration of that! But even though they have exceptional … Read more