How to get rid of anxiety and stress?

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Generally, the whole population can be prone to anxiety and stress. Moreover, although the opinion on these phenomena is relatively negative, they have a good side. They force the person to surpass themselves, both physically and mentally. However, when they are too intense, they can be harmful. In reality, stress and anxiety usually result in … Read more

Group practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces stress in the United States, study finds

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Each year, from 2000 to 2006, there were tens of thousands of stress-related tragedies in the United States. Official statistics from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control indicate that there have been 15,440 murders, 93,438 rapes, and 86,348 child and adolescent deaths from accidents each year. give some examples. The current study is … Read more

5 easy yoga poses to help you deal with holiday stress

5 easy yoga poses to help you deal with holiday

Christmas is approaching, a time of family, reunions, reunions, lottery… And with this time of year, the stress increases. If I don’t have time to buy presents, what will I cook for Christmas Eve dinner, the kids are out of school, Christmas dinner at the in-laws’ or at my parents’? Everything is intense and there … Read more

Christmas stress: how to manage it well during the holiday season, an expert gives her advice – X Gossip

Christmas stress how to manage it well during the holiday

The end of year celebrations are approaching. The race for gifts has begun and family tensions are rising. How to manage this period not always easy. Psychologist Claire Mizzi shares her 5 tips for staying zen Every year, it’s the same stress which rises around mid-December. “Do I go finish the gifts on time?“, “What … Read more

Tense? Here’s how to measure your stress

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Excessive stress is associated with health complications. Are there ways to accurately measure stress levels? Although stress is a natural and inevitable part of life, many people feel that they are under excessive stress. However, there is no objective way to define “excessive stress”. Many people find it difficult to express or quantify their stress. … Read more

Christmas 2022: these 5 techniques to manage your stress before the holidays!

Christmas 2022 these 5 techniques to manage your stress before

Christmas often brings a lot of stress. During the festivities; one tends to have anguish for futile things. But how to do it ? Christmas is now fast approaching. You will have to think about your gifts for your family. And if you start to stress, we give you some techniques to manage your stress … Read more

Christmas: 5 simple techniques to control holiday stress

Christmas 5 simple techniques to control holiday stress

THE ESSENTIAL More than 4 out of 10 parents of young children say they are anxious about the end-of-year celebrations (Ipsos/Qare 2022 survey). Women are more stressed during the Christmas period than men (39% vs 27%). Buying gifts, decorating the tree and the house, doing the shopping, preparing a Christmas meal … Read more

Mindfulness meditation, the key against exam stress?

Mindfulness meditation the key against exam stress

What if mindfulness meditation could reduce anxiety of the students ? A study carried out by scientists from the Etienne-Jules-Marey Institute of Movement Sciences during the first confinement on 76 volunteer students from the university ​of Aix-Marseille and published on July 7 demonstrates the benefits of this secular mental practice, of Buddhist inspiration, on the … Read more

Adopting this simple position would allow stress to be evacuated in one fell swoop

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No need to be an expert yoga to derive maximum benefits from certain postures. The “Viparita-karani” or “half-candle” is the ultra-accessible position that allows you to release stress and anxiety without having to go through a sports session, meditation or a big Netflix & Chill session to decompress. Proof of its ultra simple and accessible … Read more

Stones against stress: what benefits?

Stones against stress what benefits.webp

Verified on 22/11/2022 by PasseportSanté While it is part of our daily life, stress can be the cause of disorders that interfere with the proper functioning of our body, whether mentally or physically. There are different ways to deal with stress. Among these, it is possible to use stones with anti-stress properties. What is lithotherapy? … Read more