Tips for sleeping on TikTok: facts or fads? The expert steps in – NewsRaiser

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TikTok users have been overcoming hurdles in order to get a good night’s sleep, with sleep hacks taking over the social media app. Some users encouraged unconventional hacks such as drinking lettuce water and using duct tape to cover their mouths while sleeping. Sleep expert Amanada Jewson breaks down which of these hacks are worth … Read more

Christmas stress: how to manage it well during the holiday season, an expert gives her advice – X Gossip

Christmas stress how to manage it well during the holiday

The end of year celebrations are approaching. The race for gifts has begun and family tensions are rising. How to manage this period not always easy. Psychologist Claire Mizzi shares her 5 tips for staying zen Every year, it’s the same stress which rises around mid-December. “Do I go finish the gifts on time?“, “What … Read more

6 expert tips to survive the day after a complicated night because of Baby

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A study published in the journal JAMA Network Open November 8, 2022 reveals that almost half of Americans regularly suffer from sleep deprivation. And when we know that lack of sleep is the first difficulty of young mothers, and that pregnant women are often prone to sleep disorders, we understand that it is important to … Read more

What dreams of being shot really mean, according to an expert – Noufelle EN

What dreams of being shot really mean according to an

If you wake up from a scary dream of being shot, you will definitely want to know what it means. While this nasty nightmare may just be a fleeting middle-of-the-night fear party, dream experts say it’s most likely a message from your subconscious – and one that’s definitely worth the wait. to be interpreted. “As … Read more

Blue economy: Interview with expert Abdallah Rattal

Source: Map 06/29/2022 10:35 The expert in environment and sustainable development, Abdallah Rattal, returns in an interview granted to MAP, on the potential of Morocco in terms of blue economy, its commitments and the opportunities for growth of the sectors which form this economy. What are Morocco’s assets in terms of the blue economy? I … Read more

International Albinism Day: A United Nations expert denounces the increase in cases of discrimination

In July 2021, UN expert on the rights of people with albinism, Ikponwosa Ero was alarmed at “the notable increase in reported cases of people with albinism being killed or attacked because some mistakenly believe that using their body parts in potions can bring them good luck and wealth”. “More tragically still, the majority of … Read more