International Albinism Day: A United Nations expert denounces the increase in cases of discrimination

In July 2021, UN expert on the rights of people with albinism, Ikponwosa Ero was alarmed at “the notable increase in reported cases of people with albinism being killed or attacked because some mistakenly believe that using their body parts in potions can bring them good luck and wealth”. “More tragically still, the majority of … Read more

In the United States, a minimum agreement between Republicans and Democrats on firearms

In the United States a minimum agreement between Republicans and

Republican and Democratic senators agreed on Sunday on some measures to restrict access to firearms in the United States, a rare compromise but which remains far below the reforms demanded by Joe Biden after new killings. Launched after the Uvalde massacre, which left 21 dead including 19 children in a Texas primary school at the … Read more

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong: this yoga teacher accused of a sordid murder that keeps the United States in suspense

Kaitlin Marie Armstrong this yoga teacher accused of a sordid

The run continues for Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, wanted since May 2022 for the bloody murder of her rival as part of a tragic love triangle… She is currently wanted for murder and is even the subject of a reward. It is Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, a 35-year-old yoga teacher who has been under arrest since May … Read more

United States. Uvalde school shooting: Why Texas remains a “paradise” for guns

48 hours after the terrible massacre which mourned Tuesday evening the school of Uvalde, in the west of Texas, it is in Houston, more in the east, that will take place on Friday the annual convention of the National Riffle Association, the all-powerful “NRA”the arms lobby in the United States, the first since the start … Read more

Volkswagen ID.4 | Canada connects to the United States

Volkswagen ID4 Canada connects to the United States

For his first visit to Canada, Scott Keogh, President and CEO of Volkswagen of the Americas, arrived empty-handed. Pockets too. However, the North American subsidiary of VW trumpeted, a few weeks ago, investments of some 7 billion dollars over the next five years. These are intended exclusively for Mexico and the United States. For Canada? … Read more

The United States eases the pressure on Venezuela a little to promote political dialogue

STOCKHOLM: Finland and Sweden will jointly submit their NATO candidacies on Wednesday, the two Nordic countries announced, despite the lingering shadow of a blockage by Turkey. With the green light by an overwhelming majority of more than 95% from the Finnish Parliament, everything is now in place for the simultaneous arrival of membership applications from … Read more

Bernard-Henri Lévy and the success, in the United States, of “The Will To See”.

Films are like ideas: they often circulate, diffuse and infuse. All the more so when it comes to a film-idea, a film-advocacy. This convolution is to be rejoiced. A few months after its release in French cinemas under the title Another idea of ​​the world, Bernard-Henri Lévy’s work of committed cinema is broadcast across the … Read more