Adopting this simple position would allow stress to be evacuated in one fell swoop

No need to be an expert yoga to derive maximum benefits from certain postures. The “Viparita-karani” or “half-candle” is the ultra-accessible position that allows you to release stress and anxiety without having to go through a sports session, meditation or a big Netflix & Chill session to decompress. Proof of its ultra simple and accessible to all character, the position has become ultra popular on TikTok. In total, the hashtag #legsupthewall counts more than 19 million views.

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How do we do ?

As the name suggests, it simply consists of lying on the ground and raising your legs against the wall. The biggest advantage of this technique? Its immediate effects on body and mind. Concretely, it is a question of lying down in the place you want, whether on the ground, on a sofa, on a bed or on a carpet and raising your legs against the wall. For added comfort, you may decide to place a blanket or pillow under your hips for support.

To achieve the perfect position, you must adjust your position so that your body forms a right angle between the floor and the wall. However, your tailbone does not have to touch the wall. As for your arms, you can place them along your body, above your head or fully extended on each side of your body. Once settled in, feel your spine lengthen. Relax and stay in this position for 5-15 minutes.

Less stress and better blood circulation

“Putting the legs against the wall places the hips slightly above the heart, allowing blood to flow directly down to the brain”says Laura Retman, osteopath and yoga teacher at Stylist. “By being well oxygenated, and as it regulates blood circulation, the brain will signal the heart to slow down its heart rate. The heart will in turn signal to the brain that it is time to calm down, which will reduce the feeling of stress or anxiety.”

The must to multiply the effects? Add a little breathing exercise like square breathing Where cardiac coherence exercise that we presented to you recently. Breathing deeply stimulates the vagus nerve, which is at the heart of communication between the brain and our internal organs. This would promote relaxation, digestion, sleep and reduce the feeling of fatigue and migraines…

Beyond the feeling of well-being for the mind, this position would also help you feel better in your body. For athletes, this is the perfect posture to avoid the feeling of heavy legs and to stretch well. Only small precaution, be careful not to get up too quickly once the exercise is done, at the risk of feeling dizzy. You may also feel tingling in your legs or feet, especially if you hold this pose for a long time. If this happens to you, bend your knees to your chest and return to your pose, or shake your legs to get the blood flowing again.

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Adopting this simple position would allow stress to be evacuated in one fell swoop

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