Stones against stress: what benefits?

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While it is part of our daily life, stress can be the cause of disorders that interfere with the proper functioning of our body, whether mentally or physically. There are different ways to deal with stress. Among these, it is possible to use stones with anti-stress properties.

What is lithotherapy? What stones can act on our stress? How to use them? Here are our explanations.

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is none other than the art of treating, using stones and crystals, everyday ailments such as:

  • lack of sleep ;
  • pain during menstruation;
  • mood disorders;
  • etc

Lithotherapy is based on:

The placebo effect

If deep inside you are convinced that the stone will be able to relieve you, your subconscious will allow you to obtain the desired effect.

The color of the stones

Indeed, colors affect our state of mind. In particular, a bright color can put us in a better mood than a dark color. Colors have a language in their own right. For example, red symbolizes nervousness while blue is more known to appease. The color of a stone will thus send a message to our subconscious.


A crystal releases much more energy than it receives. The ability to absorb energies depends on the stone and its components. In any case, the stone will absorb our energy, whether good or bad, according to a natural process. This is why it is necessary to regularly purify your stones to rid them of parasites that may have tainted their own energy. The size and shape can also affect the absorption capacity of a stone. The more absorbent it is, the more likely one is to be able to feel its effects.

What stones can be called anti-stress?

Each crystal has more or less marked soothing properties. Their composition and their energy impact our internal flows and soothe us. By choosing the right relaxing stones, one can effectively regain control as soon as the stress level rises.


Amber is a stone recognized for its ability to fight against the stress of everyday life. Thanks to its soothing power, it is used to combat anxiety and stress. Indeed, this plant resin, whose properties were condensed for 30 to 50 million years and which took the form of a stone, only has positive waves. The positive energies and warmth carried by this stone are enough to release negative feelings that persist and affect us on a daily basis.


Amethyst, a source of calm, clarity and relaxation, is a stone of choice for combating stress and reducing feelings of anxiety. Indeed, this crystal has calming and soothing properties. Thus, amethyst allows you to remain calm in the face of any situation while keeping away the various ailments that come from a state of intense nervousness. A natural anti-stress, amethyst interacts with the crown chakra to act as a purifier at the level of the mind. As a result, this stone decreases the feeling of fear.

Recognized as a stone of meditation, amethyst also fights sleep disorders.


According to its various attributes, kunzite is defined as the stone of emotion. Recommended for people who have negative feelings and who are in a depressed state, this stone helps regulate emotions. Acting to promote the development of the heart chakra, kunzite optimizes the onset of feelings of well-being and love. This pale pink stone is a source of balance and inner peace. With its soothing virtues, it helps to free the person facing a sudden onset panic attack. Therefore, many people adopt this stone in the period of examination. Indeed, the stone of kunzite can be useful for people who cannot concentrate in the office or at school, helping them to increase their level of concentration and releasing stress.

The pink quartz

Rose quartz is reputed to be one of the most virtuous stones, and that in any area of ​​life. Also known as the stone of love, rose quartz works on the heart chakra to find serenity. In the field of lithotherapy, this stone is frequently used to fight against anxiety. Indeed, by releasing positive energy, this stone brings soothing effects that allow you to find a feeling of love, peace and serenity. It thus helps to reduce the negative effects of stress such as:

  • stomach aches;
  • cramps;
  • sleep disorders;
  • stomach pains.

moon stone

Perfectly reflecting femininity, moonstone serves to restore the balance between the emotions to obtain a development of the wisdom of the mind and the heart. On a psychological level, this stone calms and reduces the stress caused by complex and confusing situations. Indeed, improved intuition and clairvoyance are benefits offered by moonstone when it comes to stress. Knowing that stress influences the proper functioning of the night and can cause sleepwalking, the use of the stone is a way to avoid nocturnal awakenings.

It should be noted that the soft energy of this stone is particularly effective for women. It helps to fight daily stress and take life with serenity. By stimulating the feeling of gratitude, it reduces friction and puts us in harmony with what surrounds us.

blue calcite

Blue calcite is an anti-stress stone par excellence. By using its soothing properties, it releases permanent stress and anxiety. Thanks to its positive vibrations, blue calcite brings serenity and peace. It also helps you fall asleep quickly at night.

lapis lazuli

In relation to the heart chakra, this mineral helps fight fears by having control over our emotions when we are faced with difficult situations.


Included among the varieties of quartz, citrine is a stone that reflects good humor and joy, as well as the positive side of life. Citrine helps to remember the radiance of the sun guiding us to the bright side of things. Therefore, this stone is a stone of choice for people who want to fight stress.


Howlite restores inner peace and stability, acting on both body and mind. It is ideal for meditation. She permits :

  • to prevent emotions that are too intense from becoming disabling;
  • to free themselves from their anxieties and fears.

blue agate

This reassuring stone comes from the chalcedony family. Variety of quartz, it diffuses a benevolent energy. It is the ideal blue stone to restore calm and tranquility. Linked to the throat chakra, it helps to develop communication and to be better understood. It is an excellent stone for combating stress and restoring self-confidence.

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is both a protective stone and a grounding stone. Its magnetic darkness hides great stability. It is also a black hole for negative energies. It absorbs them and makes them disappear, getting rid of the stress they generate. In addition to protecting, its anchoring allows you to regain your footing when emotions overflow. It is a stone to use in case of an anxiety attack. A tourmaline allows us to find positivity and regain the upper hand over our emotions.


Fluorite helps to fight against the stress of exams. Best friend of students, it promotes memory and concentration. It allows, in fact, to appease fears and calm stress. In everyday life, this soothing stone also reduces nervousness and prevents burnout.

It is recommended to try at least one or two stones and keep the one(s) that works.

There are many methods to use stones for stress, such as:

  • meditate with a soothing stone;
  • place an amethyst anti-stress geode in his living room;
  • wear an effective anti-stress bracelet, made of genuine amethyst, amber or rose quartz;
  • use an anti-stress pendant or necklace;
  • arrange your anti-stress stones on a flower of life;
  • practice a lithotherapy treatment against stress;
  • make an elixir from an anti-stress stone.

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Stones against stress: what benefits?

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