Group practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces stress in the United States, study finds

Each year, from 2000 to 2006, there were tens of thousands of stress-related tragedies in the United States. Official statistics from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control indicate that there have been 15,440 murders, 93,438 rapes, and 86,348 child and adolescent deaths from accidents each year. give some examples. The current study is the longest and most comprehensive of 50 studies to demonstrate what has been named the Maharishi Effect, in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the International University of Maharishi (MIU).

The results are visible in the table below. The blue line indicates that during the reference period of 2000 to 2006, the size of the TM and TM-Sidhi group located at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa increased to √1% of the US population (1725 people) and stayed there for five years during the demonstration period from 2007 to 2011. All stress indicators immediately started to decrease. During the Post period, when group size began to decrease, the rate of stress decrease slowed, then reversed and began to increase.

MIU TM and TM Sidhi group size (blue line), eight US stress indices represented by different colored lines, and the US stress index, the mean of the eight variables shown by the red line. Image Credit: Maharishi International University

Lead author Dr David Orme Johnson said: “What is unique about this study is that the results are so visually striking and on such a large scale. We see a reduction in stress on several indicators at the expected time for the entire United States over a five-year period. And when the size of the group decreased, the national stress began to increase again. Obviously, the band was causing the effect.

Co-author Dr Kenneth Cavanaugh commented: “This study used state-of-the-art time series regression analysis methods to eliminate potential alternative explanations due to pre-existing intrinsic trends and fluctuations in the data. We have carefully studied potential alternative explanations. in terms of changes in economic conditions, political leadership, population demographics and policing strategies. None of these factors could explain the results.

The fact that all the variables only started to decrease after reaching the square root of one percent of the US indicates a phase transition. Like when water doesn’t turn to ice until 32F is reached, national stress did not begin to decrease until the US transition threshold of √1% was reached.

The graph shows that in 2013, when the size of the TM and TM-Sidhi group fell rapidly, all stress indicators increased sharply. Apparently, the rapid decline in national coherence has shaken the nation.

The scientists used regression analysis to estimate how many deaths and events were reduced by the group of meditators. For example, Image 2 shows the red dotted line representing the projected base trend in the demo and post periods. During the demonstration period, drug-related deaths (the black line) fell 14% below their baseline trend and declined further by 15% during the post period, for a total of 79,941 deaths. less drug-related. The chart also shows that in the absence of consistency, the group’s drug-related deaths eventually returned to baseline.

The finding that the effect was holistic, causing all variables to rise and fall together, supports the theory expressed both by Maharishi from a Vedic perspective and by quantum physicist and MIU President Dr. John Hagelin of quantum theory. fields according to which the TM and the TM- Sidhi groups create coherence in the collective consciousness from the unified field level of natural law. It’s big. This is proof of the existence of the unified field a completely different approach to the use of particle accelerators and the detection of gravity waves.

This discovery of the unified field is more than just intellectual knowledge. It is without doubt the most immediately practical technological discovery in the history of science. The invention of the wheel mobilized mankind. The printing press, radio, telephone, Internet and satellites have increased our ability to communicate with each other over great distances and over time. The discovery of DNA has opened our minds to the subtle mechanisms of natural law that underlie the evolution and growth of all life forms. These are among the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. But what discovery can reduce human suffering as completely as group meditation?

The article reviews the many concepts of collective consciousness as they have occurred throughout history in the sciences and humanities. None have a practical application like Maharishi’s and none have been so empirically verified.

The article discusses Maharishi’s theory that each individual automatically contributes to the collective consciousness and conversely, the collective consciousness influences each individual. This is universally true regardless of the form of government: democracy, republic, monarchy, communism or dictatorship.

It is essential that each individual uses evidence-based technologies to reduce their own stress and, at the same time, the responsibility of each government to provide these technologies to all.

The article summarizes the hundreds of studies showing that the practice of TM increases coherence in the individual, as indicated by measures such as increased brain coherence, decreased anxiety, depression and anger, increased creativity, increased IQ and emotional and social intelligence, and decreased PTSD. symptoms, prison recidivism, drug and alcohol abuse, and disease rates in all disease categories. More cohesive individuals form a more cohesive society.

A $75 million grant from the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation provided stipends for participants to be part of the group and provided funding to bring several hundred visiting TM-Sidhi Indian experts to further augment the group. UIM. Dr Orme-Johnson commented: “That’s a lot of money, but the savings from reducing crime by 10% would save over $200 billion, not to mention all the other savings from reduction of other sources of stress in the country. »

The article ends with a call for the creation of a permanent √1% group for worldwide, 8000 participants practicing TM and TM-Sidhi program together in one place. And as a technical safety factor, a group of √1% on each continent is necessary. The world is so interconnected, no one is safe until everyone is safe, all living in harmony. It is easily within the reach of any government or the wealthiest citizens of the world. The person who does this will be remembered as the greatest leader in history.

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Group practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces stress in the United States, study finds

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