Holidays: Sabrina Cournoyer confides in her incredible retirement in Panama

Holidays Sabrina Cournoyer confides in her incredible retirement in Panama

Our cultural columnist, Sabrina Cournoyer, has just returned from a rejuvenating retreat in Panama and shares some wonderful snapshots of her remarkable experience there. • Read also: Sabrina Cournoyer makes us smile in an Instagram post • Read also: Sabrina Cournoyer returns from a mind-blowing trip to Western Canada Sabrina Cournoyer was conspicuous by her … Read more

Christmas: what holidays are you really going to spend according to your astrological sign? – Here is

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Reunions, small disputes and great tensions… What do the stars have in store for you for this end of the year? Here is the Christmas horoscope to find out what awaits you for the holidays according to your astrological sign. Rest of the warrior for some, various tensions for others… the end-of-year celebrations are not … Read more

All Saints’ Day holidays in Aude: here are some ideas for outings

All Saints Day holidays in Aude here are some ideas

Every day, the Journal Toulousain offers you a selection of activities and outings for your All Saints holidays, like here, in Aude, where you can celebrate Halloween with Dumbledore in the heart of the city of Carcassonne, make a escape game in the crypt of the medieval castle of Arques, get your fill of thrills … Read more

Toul. Escape during these holidays without leaving Toul, it is possible with the Maison du tourisme

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Running a program of outings and visits during each holiday period is one of the missions that the team of the Tourism House. From their offices which have a direct view of the cathedral, place Charles-de-Gaulle, the guides and travel advisors Pauline Louyot and Logan Mathiot detail the appointments planned for the next few days. … Read more

Lots of ideas for the 2022 All Saints holidays in Berry – Berry Province

Lots of ideas for the 2022 All Saints holidays in

The All Saints holidays are an opportunity to take a break after the start of the school year. The opportunity also to take the time to do local activities. And in Berry, there is plenty to do! Between fun activities, Halloween, festivals, exhibitions, and unique events, for the 2022 All Saints holidays in Berry, you … Read more

Holidays in Lot-et-Garonne: yoga in the heart of the Buzet vineyards

Holidays in Lot et Garonne yoga in the heart of the Buzet

the essential The Vignerons de Buzet cooperative is offering an original activity this summer: yoga in the vineyards. A preview of the session with Lauréna. Greetings to the sun… This Tuesday morning in August, the star of the day is already warming the vines of the Domaine de Lhiot in Buzet. He will set it … Read more

Ultralight yoga mats, inflatable paddles, stackable bags… They will revolutionize your sporting holidays

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So that the holidays really are, our selection of new products that will revolutionize your sports activities. Adobe Stock SHOPPING- It’s decided, you’re going to play sports this summer. These innovative objects could well help you stay motivated throughout your summer stay. An ultra-lightweight yoga mat We no longer present YUJ, the brand created in … Read more

The almost investigation: but where do the Warriors spend their holidays?

The almost investigation but where do the Warriors spend their

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great League players still have a month and a half of free time in front of them to take it easy in the sun, have a shovelful of cocktails… or not? Well, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “holiday”. For … Read more