How to get rid of anxiety and stress?

Generally, the whole population can be prone to anxiety and stress. Moreover, although the opinion on these phenomena is relatively negative, they have a good side. They force the person to surpass themselves, both physically and mentally. However, when they are too intense, they can be harmful. In reality, stress and anxiety usually result in psychosomatic symptoms when they are too great. Also, between the lump in the stomach, the tensions in the back, the migraine, the nausea, the sleep disorder and the eating disorder, the impacts can vary from one person to another. Fortunately, it is possible to break free from anxiety and stress. To learn more, follow this article.

Make heart coherence

Generally, cardiac coherence is a method of relaxation that is particularly effective when dealing with stress and anxiety. It is characterized in particular by a state which corresponds to a frequency of 6 respiratory cycles per minute. This would be the ideal state from a physiological point of view. To do this you must inhale through the nose for 5 seconds, then exhale through the mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat this operation 6 times and you’re done. In reality, it is an exercise that will calm your breathing and achieve a more serene state. Note, however, that it is necessary to perform this process several times a day.

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Leave room for music

In principle, everyone has their preference when it comes to musical genres. Therefore, having someone who likes more dynamic styles listen to classical music is not necessarily a good idea. Also, you can create a special playlist of titles that soothe you and that you like to listen to on repeat. Note thatthere are also soft and relaxing music specially designed to relieve anxiety and stress. In reality, this type of music does not belong to any defined genre. It is also possible to listen to specific ambient noises, such as the sound of the sea, the wind or the rain. It is important to specify that you must close your eyes for a good immersion and a better result.

do meditation

When you are under stress or anxietymeditation is usually among the most frequently proposed solutions. This is an exercise that invites you to listen to your bodily interiority, but also to observe your surroundings with your eyes closed without judgment. Through meditation, you can not only reduce your stress, but also promote your concentration. Indeed, meditation exercises you to free your mind from parasitic thoughts relating to the past and the future, and helps you to focus on the present moment. Besides, if you don’t know where to start to meditate, there are many guided meditation apps in the stores.

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Opt for a gentle massage

Another way to reduce stress and state of anxiety is massage.. In addition, it is generally difficult to have a person at your disposal at all times to massage you and regulate your stress. In this context, self-massage is a very good alternative to achieve a good state of relaxation. For this, you can simply do a self-massage of the legs or hands with a body cream to reduce the pressure. Otherwise, you can perform a gentle facial self-massage. In principle, a 10-minute session is more than enough to regain some serenity. Note that it is also possible to do the massage with essential oils to reinforce the feeling of calm.

Engage in physical activity

To regain control, action is your ally. In reality, physical activity is very beneficial for mental health, since it helps channel the adrenaline released in the body during times of stress. In addition, doing regular physical activity releases endorphin and serotonin, the hormones responsible for the feeling of well-being. It is important to note that even walking constitutes physical activity. However, the ideal is an activity that requires concentration to forget stress and anxiety.

Accept anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety generate a feeling of bad being that is generally difficult to calm down. Also, in some cases, the only solution is acceptance. In other words, if you cannot calm your stress or anxiety within a specific time frame, it is recommended to accept it and not to constantly struggle. Fully welcoming your anxiety will allow your brain to process the information and thus get used to the different changes. Although the feelings brought on by stress and anxiety are quite painful, you have to let them come and go like a wave.

It is also important to practice self-compassion in this kind of situation. With this in mind, you need to allow yourself to feel bad, without feeling guilty. Another aspect of accepting your feelings is to talk about them freely. Generally, people prone to stress and anxiety are reluctant to share their feelings.

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How to get rid of anxiety and stress?

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