What to do in Montreal this weekend? August 12, 13 and 14, 2022 | Montreal CityCrunch

What to do in Montreal this weekend August 12 13

If you are looking what to do in Montreal this weekend, you are (as usual) in the right place. Summer is in full swing here! As since the beginning of the season, this weekend will be filled with events: music festivals, wine and cider fair, open-air cinema, yoga classes… There’s still plenty to … Read more

Facial yoga: focus on this natural anti-wrinkle method

Facial yoga focus on this natural anti wrinkle method

Have you ever heard of facial yoga? This holistic treatment method tends to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to restore the face to a youthful and firm appearance. Discover the underside of this anti-aging beauty routine. From the twenties, signs of old age are slowly starting to appear. It is at this time that … Read more

Well-being – Doing yoga with the family and in the open air is possible in Lussat in Creuse

Well being Doing yoga with the family and in the

Yoga sessions at the Landes pond, at the Gouzon golf course or at the Clautre farm in Bord-Saint-Georges. Myriam Touchard chooses original places connected to nature to give her lessons. “Most of the time, I do it outdoors,” she says. It is ideal to be outside. We enjoy nature, vegetation, the sound of birds, the … Read more

Holidays in Lot-et-Garonne: yoga in the heart of the Buzet vineyards

Holidays in Lot et Garonne yoga in the heart of the Buzet

the essential The Vignerons de Buzet cooperative is offering an original activity this summer: yoga in the vineyards. A preview of the session with Lauréna. Greetings to the sun… This Tuesday morning in August, the star of the day is already warming the vines of the Domaine de Lhiot in Buzet. He will set it … Read more

Make way for the 39th edition of the International Balloon Festival – Le Canada Français

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In addition to the wide variety of shows offered from August 13 to 21, the 39th edition of the International de montgolfières will also be an opportunity for festival-goers to see 80 hot air balloons up close, to attend four magical nights and to take part in yoga sessions. Activities among many others In all, … Read more

La Maison des Marronniers an idyllic and gourmet yoga retreat within easy reach

La Maison des Marronniers an idyllic and gourmet yoga retreat

Imagine, a place of holistic life where you can do yoga retreats and disconnect without leaving Île-de-France? La Maison des Marronniers is precisely this haven of peace within reach of navigo where well-being and gluttony reign. We take you to this unusual spot that awaits you in Essonne. Looking for the perfect place to unwind? … Read more

What are the benefits of regular yoga practice?

What are the benefits of regular yoga practice

The practice of yoga gives its followers unsuspected benefits for the uninitiated layman. These benefits are as much physical as spiritual or respiratory. They allow individuals to feel good and to flourish. Nowadays, yoga is a very popular discipline and whose followers around the world number in the thousands. The reasons for this success are … Read more

Castres: the tourist office records good attendance this summer

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the essential Return of foreigners, more activities offered… The Castres-Mazamet tourist office saw a lot of people pass through its offices in July. Despite the heat wave and a health crisis still in the background even if there are no more restrictions, the Castres-Mazamet tourist office has recorded a good interim report for this summer. … Read more

Meaux: we tested the soft gym, a muscular awakening at the Museum of the Great War

Meaux we tested the soft gym a muscular awakening at

By Writing Meaux Published on 9 Aug 22 at 17:20 The Marne See my news Follow this media As part of “Meaux in great shape”, the forecourt of the Museum of the Great War hosts “body well-being” classes on Sunday mornings. ©The Marne Summer is the season for barbecues, aperitifs with friends, ice creams by … Read more