Morocco as an African example in the face of current political and economic crises

1660313637 Morocco as an African example in the face of current

Tangier Med (illustration) The press and social networks highlight, every day, the dissatisfaction of a large part of Moroccan society. These people refuse the recent increases in the prices of the products necessary for the dignity of their lives and declare that their salaries are no longer sufficient. The causes of this problem are obvious … Read more

Heather O’Neill and the Red Light District

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There was Jean-Paul Sartre and the Café de Flore. Émile Zola and the Opera district. Stephen King and Castle Rock. Or Anne Hébert and Kamouraska. Great writers have always been associated with spaces, neighborhoods and landscapes that have marked their works. In this summer series, “Le Devoir” visits, in the company of four Quebec novelists, … Read more

Charles Manson, une histoire de drogues, de meurtres et de folk-songs

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Temps de lecture: 8 min Avec ses longs cheveux, sa barbe et son goût pour la folk, Charles Manson semble être l’incarnation même des années 1960, libertaires et révolutionnaires. Lorsqu’on se penche sur son parcours, l’homme né en 1934, d’un père inconnu et d’une mère prostituée et alcoolique, n’a pourtant rien d’un hippie persuadé que, … Read more

China: The battle for control of the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama’s soul

1660018278 China The battle for control of the reincarnation of the

©Laurene Becquart / AFP Under the influence In a logic of soft power beyond its borders, China is trying to promote Buddhism and would seek to take control of the choice of the next incarnation of the Dalai Lama. Atlantico: How can China, an officially atheist regime, want to decide on the next incarnation of … Read more

Yaşar Kemal and Orhan Pamuk, two storytellers with different worlds

1660004995 Yasar Kemal and Orhan Pamuk two storytellers with different worlds

Every two weeks, on Tuesdays, Istanbul offers you a “Let’s talk about Turkey…” meeting through short texts by Samim Akgönül, author of the “Unusual Dictionary of Turkey”. You are invited to discover concepts, words and expressions or little known facts but also unusual characters from the Turkish space, inspired by the dictionary in question. … Read more

Japan Expo 2022 : Rencontres avec Cécilia et Jules, les aventuriers de l’Asie – Salons

Japan Expo 2022 Rencontres avec Cecilia et Jules les

Japan Expo 2022, c’est aussi des rencontres enrichissantes comme cela a été le cas avec Cécilia de Passeport Japon et Jules  de Jules en Asie. Ces deux personnes ont l’expérience du voyage depuis plusieurs années et n’hésitent pas à le faire partager aux autres. L’un a eu le coup de foudre pour la culture japonaise … Read more

The mystical delusions of Eugène Vintras – Tribune de Lyon

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His mysterious soul has rested under the imposing tombstones of the new Guillotière cemetery for more than a century. Eugène Vintras, died in December 1875 between Rhône and Saône and buried in 7e district, left behind a dark story worthy of a bad horror TV movie. This article is part of our summer saga around … Read more

[Comics] Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell! – Literature

Comics Godzilla crosses the ages and even Hell Literature

Comics at Journal du Japon? No, you’re not dreaming. Usually, we don’t talk about it but… On the occasion of the release of Godzilla: The Half-Century War in June by Vestron, it’s the perfect time to see that our kaijū favorite inspires authors and illustrators in new adventures while paying homage to the different films. … Read more