Visualization and meditation in movement: all about these body and mind therapies

Finished separating the body that must be treated and the mind that only serves to “think”! The two are intimately linked. “ So we cannot go through the body (movement, breathing) to calm the mind and regulate emotions, or on the contrary play with the mind to modulate bodily sensations such as pain », says … Read more

Aude: yoga, meditation, sophrology… the boom in well-being practices to reconnect with oneself

Aude yoga meditation sophrology the boom in well being practices to

Stressed, anxious and saturated with multiple solicitations, more and more people from Aude are trying to “slow down and reconnect with themselves”. Relaxation institutes, mindfulness meditation centers, sophrology practice, yoga, qi gong: so many ways to achieve this. But what can all these techniques bring – concretely – to those who practice them? We asked … Read more

The Oscar Lake Outfitter, an example of evolution

Langlais se porte tres bien en Amerique

FLEMISH RIVER | We often talk about the evolution of the outfitting world in Quebec. The Pourvoirie du lac Oscar is a good example. Located 60 kilometers northwest of La Tuque, this outfitter offers fishing and hunting stays, but also complementary activities that make it unique. This exclusive territory of 234 square kilometers has been … Read more

Meditation Market 2022-Industry Size, Growth Factors, Key Leaders, Development Strategy, Future Trends, Historical Analysis, Competitive Landscape and Regional Forecast 2029 –

Meditation Market 2022 Industry Size Growth Factors Key Leaders Development Strategy

Global market for meditation » The 2022 report contains information on market share, company performance (shares), comprehensive analysis, consumer perspective, historical analysis, statistics, market forecast from 2022 to 2029 in terms of revenue, volume, growth rate and CAGR. This report targets Meditation volume and value at global level, regional level and company level. The Meditation … Read more

This meditation technique would allow you to overcome your emotional blockages

This meditation technique would allow you to overcome your emotional

Trauma, lack of self-confidence, fear of rejection, abandonment or misunderstood blockages… the “breathwork” is a meditation technique that allows you to overcome your emotional blockages. Based on hyperventilation breathing, this active meditation promises total letting go and powerful inner revelations. In other words, this practice might just change your life. How to apply the “breathwork” … Read more

The many benefits of meditation on our brain

The Belgian neurologist Steven Laureys, who is recognized worldwide for his studies on the state of consciousness of comatose patients, initially considered meditation with skepticism, seeing it first as a “fad”. But when an event turned his life upside down, it was yoga and the discovery of meditation that helped him. His scientific mind then … Read more

Meditation 4th Sunday of Easter Year C: “Jesus, the Good Shepherd” – Vatican News

With the Jesuit father Flavien Zolabi, let’s meditate on the texts of the 4th Sunday of Easter year C. Dear brothers and sisters, on this 4th Sunday of Easter of liturgical year C, two strong images of our Lord Jesus Christ emerge from the texts that are offered to us, particularly from the second reading … Read more

Meditation, much more than a fad!

So many benefits • Soothing against stress Regular practice of meditation leads to a decrease in the production of cortisol, the main stress hormone, as well as an increase in the secretion of oxytocin (soothing hormone) and endorphins (well-being hormones). • Effective against aging A study conducted on participants in a meditation retreat (compared to … Read more

“The Crimes of the Future”: Cronenberg with the scalpel

Veterans of international cinema, at regular intervals, like to unveil requiem-like fictions at the Cannes Film Festival in which they evoke themes that have obsessed them since the start of their careers. Last year, with “Benedetta”, Paul Verhoeven, 83, thus signed a kind of film-summary where, by drawing the portrait of the sulphurous and lesbian … Read more