Ancient puzzle: the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered in Belgium

Ancient puzzle the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered

While walking through a plowed field near the small Flemish town of Kortessem (Belgium), amateur archaeologist Patrick Schuermans comes across a mysterious fragment with his detector. Sent to scientists at the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, it was finally identified by experts in December, reports LiveScience January 26, 2023: Although only one corner remains, the original … Read more

Peter Duchemin: “The Tarots have been the driver of my life for 20 years in Hong Kong”

1675100145 Peter Duchemin The Tarots have been the driver of my

Peter carries out an original activity in Hong Kong: educator in kabbalistic tarot. The tarot is this card game popular with French final year students during inter-courses but also used by fortune-tellers for divination. Peter decided to combine the symbolism of the cards with a philosophical approach. We went to meet this Canadian like no … Read more

How “eco-spirituals” try to connect with the Earth to save it

1674927217 How eco spirituals try to connect with the Earth to save

“Eyes as Big as Plates” #Andreas (Norway, 2019). KAROLINE HJORTH & RIITTA IKONEN She was first a nurse, then an air traffic controller, private plane pilot, air safety analyst. Then, at 41, Florence-Marie Jégoux experienced what she calls “a beautiful inner collapse” : an ecological awareness, followed by another, “collapse”. Faced with this anguish of … Read more

Angoulême 2023: prognosis for a prize list | BoDoï, comic book explorer

Angouleme 2023 prognosis for a prize list BoDoi comic

Who will succeed Listen, pretty Márcia by Marcello Quintanilha at track record Fauve d’or at the Angoulême Festival? Who will seduce the public jury, high school students or the grand juries chaired by Alexandre Astier and, for young people, Marie-Aude Murail? Here is an attempt at a prediction that is more like divination… Again this … Read more

[Sorties] Harry Potter: The Exhibition arrives in Paris on April 21, 2023

1674754334 Sorties Harry Potter The Exhibition arrives in Paris on April

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition celebrates the second leg of their world tour in Europe. From April 21, 2023, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles will welcome visitors for an exceptional family and immersive experience. Tickets are available from January 26. Harry Potter™: The exhibition reveals behind the scenes of the Wizarding World, and uses the latest … Read more

Character sheet #23 – Hogwarts, the school of wizards

1674667841 Character sheet 23 Hogwarts the school of wizards

Character sheet is a section in which we draw the portrait of video game players, real or fictional, who weigh or have weighed on the industry. Today, small change. On the occasion of the imminent release ofHogwarts Legacywe are not stopping on a character, but on one of the places which contributed to the success … Read more

Polar – L’étrange cas du Dr. Cream, médecin psychopathe

1674494924 Polar – Letrange cas du Dr Cream medecin psychopathe

Y a-t-il terreur plus douce que celle du true crime ? Lorsqu’on assiste, bien caché derrière son livre, au spectacle de la réalité frappée par l’ignominie humaine. La trajectoire démente, mais vraie, du Dr Cream, entre le Québec, les États-Unis et Londres, procure de ces plaisirs-là. En 1891, dans un quartier londonien proche de celui où sévit Jack l’Éventreur, s’installe un homme que son … Read more