Christmas 2022: these 5 techniques to manage your stress before the holidays!

Christmas often brings a lot of stress. During the festivities; one tends to have anguish for futile things. But how to do it ?

Christmas is now fast approaching. You will have to think about your gifts for your family. And if you start to stress, we give you some techniques to manage your stress just before the holidays. With this, you will no longer have any anxiety.

Manage your breathing to relax

For Christmas, we give gifts to people close to us. But where does this tradition come from? In any case, it often causes stress. Because often, we really want make people around us happy. And that brings real pressure.

So, to manage stress, we give you some advice. The first is through breathing. Because breathing is used to relax. An expert explains this technique in an interview with Why Doctor.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. A few breaths are enough to calm your nervous system, lower your blood pressure and get you out of that state of acute anxiety and back into a more stable state.”

Meditation to relax at Christmas

Between the turkey in the oven, and the vagaries of Christmas Day, it’s not easy to find your way around. So to try and relax before you know if you have choose the right video game for your cousin. And for that, you can try meditation.

Active meditation is so much fun and it is particularly effective if you feel tired or overwhelmed. It’s as easy as shaking or dancing. » thus advises an expert at Why Doctor.

Christmas 2022: these 5 techniques to manage your stress before the holidays!

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation will also help you with Christmas stress. And you can do it between two bites of foie gras. And to do it, it’s very simple, you just have to breathe in the right way.

One of my favorite ways to do this is with food. After a slow breath, take a bite and really think about it.“.

Draw to feel better

Do you have a little cousin who will be there for Christmas? You can use its pencils and markers to relax before the fateful moment.

“Start by drawing yourself as you are right now. Take a few minutes and you can use pencils or markers, or even just a pen or pencil. Then, draw yourself with your biggest problem or concern right now.”

Talking about your problems with others

Sometimes, to feel better, you have to tell others about it. Get rid of your problems. We already hope that there will be no mask neither covid-19 at the party. But to feel better sometimes, you just have to talk!

Sometimes you just have to talk. And then maybe your aunt will help you with the wine and it will relieve you a lot of stress during the holidays. Because Christmas is above all about love and a good time. So, above all, don’t stress.

Now relax. And get started in the gifts for this end of the year. The sooner this is done, the more peace of mind you will be!

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Christmas 2022: these 5 techniques to manage your stress before the holidays!

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