5 easy exercises to soothe back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain… without leaving your office chair – Here’s

5 easy exercises to soothe back pain shoulder pain hip

On a daily basis, many people are sedentary. Sitting in an office chair all day makes it hard to actually move your body. Here are 5 exercises to do at work to keep in shape and find the right posture. It’s no surprise that being sedentary at work is bad for your health. Not moving … Read more

6 easy ways to improve your heart health according to a cardiologist

6 easy ways to improve your heart health according to

THE ESSENTIAL If cardiovascular diseases are the second cause of death after cancer in France, they are the first cause among women. Cardiovascular diseases are pathologies that affect the heart and all of the blood vessels (heart rhythm disorders, atherosclerosis, infarction, hypertension, stroke, etc.). Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of … Read more

5 easy yoga poses to help you deal with holiday stress

5 easy yoga poses to help you deal with holiday

Christmas is approaching, a time of family, reunions, reunions, lottery… And with this time of year, the stress increases. If I don’t have time to buy presents, what will I cook for Christmas Eve dinner, the kids are out of school, Christmas dinner at the in-laws’ or at my parents’? Everything is intense and there … Read more

Easy Rider a défini le mouvement de contre-culture des années 1960 – Crumpe

Easy Rider a defini le mouvement de contre culture des annees

Il n’y a pas beaucoup de films qui résument une époque aussi parfaitement que Easy Rider. Il est sorti en 1969, la dernière année de l’une des décennies les plus importantes pour la culture américaine. C’était une époque de grande réforme sociale, avec des campagnes telles que le mouvement des droits civiques et le féminisme … Read more

Vegan treats for Halloween: two easy recipes to try

Want some sweetness for Halloween? ID gives you two recipes vegans nestled on Instagram. Among the nuggets of the web, we find the culinary blogger Perle en sucre (@perlenesucre). Since 2017, this influencer has only offered 100% plant-based recipes that she compiled in her latest book. The taste of childhoodpublished by La Plage. The ghost … Read more

Electro scene: “It’s not always easy to do your job”, says the president of Technopol

Electro scene Its not always easy to do your job

“We really want to find our audience and make the streets of Paris vibrate”impatient Tommy Vaudecrane, president of Technopol Association which organizes the Techno Parade. The participants have an appointment at noon, Saturday, September 24, place Denfert-Rochereau. The course of more than 6 km will end at Place de la Nation. Eleven floats have the … Read more

La Maison des Marronniers an idyllic and gourmet yoga retreat within easy reach

La Maison des Marronniers an idyllic and gourmet yoga retreat

Imagine, a place of holistic life where you can do yoga retreats and disconnect without leaving Île-de-France? La Maison des Marronniers is precisely this haven of peace within reach of navigo where well-being and gluttony reign. We take you to this unusual spot that awaits you in Essonne. Looking for the perfect place to unwind? … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe: ‘Strangely, playing Harry never got easy’

Horoscope 2022 your astrological forecasts sign by sign from April

Harry Potter 6 will return tonight on TF1. In 2009, his star confided in Première. After Order of the Phoenix last week, TF1 will rebroadcast tonight The Half-Blood Princethe sixth episode of the saga Harry Potter. With the arrival of David Yates on No. 5, the atmosphere of the saga became increasingly dark. A real … Read more

Easy form: 3 steps to stabilize my ankles

Resumption of sports activity or simple hole in the road, a twisting ankle is potentially a fall and a sprain that can increase the risk ofosteoarthritis. Hence the interest of better lock this part of our anatomy which, slightly suspended to absorb shocks, therefore tends to turn easily. This program, which gradually stabilizes the ankles, … Read more