Adopting this simple position would allow stress to be evacuated in one fell swoop

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No need to be an expert yoga to derive maximum benefits from certain postures. The “Viparita-karani” or “half-candle” is the ultra-accessible position that allows you to release stress and anxiety without having to go through a sports session, meditation or a big Netflix & Chill session to decompress. Proof of its ultra simple and accessible … Read more

Trend 2022: Be more stylish this year by adopting the “Double Belt” style as a belt!

Trend 2022 Be more stylish this year by adopting the

With this trendy belt, you will be more elegant than ever. We show you how to wear it in this article! Sometimes, you think you know everything and master fashion. However, this is not always the case! Why ? It is constantly evolving. His reincarnation depends on temporal and subjective factors. Thus, if a trend … Read more

According to this psychiatrist, adopting the precepts of Montaigne’s “Essays” would help to feel better

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How can a philosopher who suffered from bouts of melancholy help us achieve serenity? “Beyond his personal difficulties, Montaigne went through crises worse than ours, reports Professor Michel Lejoyeux: the massacre of Protestants, the great famines, the plague epidemic… without collapsing. Better still, he developed beliefs, validated, since, by science, to get rid of certain … Read more