Cello and yoga workshop! Saturday, February 18, 2023

Cello and yoga workshop Saturday February 18 2023

Cello and yoga workshop!, February 18, 2023, . Saturday, February 18, 2023from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.. paying 50 euros Cellists of all levels: deepen your practice of the instrument through the prism of body and posture. This course has been designed to try to propose solutions to the following problems:– pain due to instrumental … Read more

Yoga brick: what is it for and how to choose it?

Yoga brick what is it for and how to choose

Verified on 01/31/2023 by PasseportSanté Yoga bricks, also called yoga blocks, are props used to aid students in their practice. They have three main objectives: to make yoga postures more accessible, to serve as support and to work on strength and flexibility. If appropriate and well used, yoga blocks can enhance and enrich your practice. … Read more

Tantra yoga : quels sont les bienfaits du yoga tantrique ?

Tantra yoga quels sont les bienfaits du yoga tantrique

Vérifié le 31/01/2023 par PasseportSanté On le surnomme souvent “le yoga de l’amour”, le yoga tantrique est une pratique spirituelle ancestrale puissante qui est, la plupart du temps, caricaturée et réduite à son aspect sexuel et érotique. Proche du kundalini , elle va, en fait, bien au-delà et présente de nombreux bienfaits sur le corps … Read more

Sugar, yoga, work, social networks: why are we all addicted? – She

Sugar yoga work social networks why are we all addicted

And you, how was your Dry January ? And your resolution to go less often on Instagram, to watch fewer series? Today, almost everyone feels “addicted” to something. One by one, people confide in their addiction, from Prince Harry to Camille Lellouche, from Bradley Cooper to Carla Bruni (who said she had consumed “30 to … Read more

Connected and disconnected in Vaujany – Actumontagne

1675162563 Connected and disconnected in Vaujany Actumontagne

An amazing experience to discover in Vaujany this winter: outdoor yoga, in the snow. A great way to unplug your mind, to connect intimately with nature. And to stimulate your inner energy, facing the sumptuous landscapes of the Grandes Rousses massif. “After an outdoor yoga session, my senses are more developed. I feel in direct … Read more

Beginner yoga: here are the easiest postures to get started

Beginner yoga here are the easiest postures to get started

Do you want to learn yoga to gain flexibility, tone the silhouette and gain serenity? Postures, where to take a class, how to practice at home… Follow the advice of Camille Raaberg, yoga teacher in Paris. Summary Yoga has been a popular discipline in recent years and is gaining more and more followers. “Yoga allows … Read more