What are the benefits of practicing Prana Yoga regularly?

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps harmonize body, mind and soul. There are several Yoga practices, including Prana. The latter emphasizes the energies that are present in the human body. Discover in this article the benefits of training your inner energies. Improves physical health During the PranaYoga, you will have to perform breathing exercises. … Read more

Flexibility: what are its benefits and how to become more so

It can be tempting to overlook the stretching aspect of training when you feel like it’s not bringing any real benefit. However, plenty of research shows that flexibility exercises and stretching actually have many benefits, including preventing injury, reducing pain, and improving posture, balance, mobility, and movement. performance. What exactly is flexibility? Flexibility is defined … Read more

The benefits of Reiki for stress reduction – Masculin.com

The benefits of Reiki for stress reduction – Masculincom

After a stressful and still very anxiety-provoking year, summer vacation is finally coming to an end. To take full advantage of it, we are going to give you the keys to take the pressure off and avoid stress. Reiki can help you with this. Discovery of this practice of relaxation and meditation with Sabine Boulay, … Read more

The benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation

Meditation would slow down the aging of the cerebral cortex and improve brain performance, as well as our management of emotions. Provided you practice enough, for many years! But regular practice can already soothe stressed minds… The writing of AlloDocteurs Written on 07/17/2009Updated 03/01/2022 What action on the brain? According to research published Monday, August … Read more

Mindfulness meditation: a practice with many benefits

Mindfulness meditation a practice with many benefits

Mindfulness meditation involves being focused on the present moment and the emotions being felt, without paying attention to the environment. ©Freepik Mindfulness meditation is also known as “Mindfulness”, or also under the name of “mindful presence”. It has its origins in Buddhist teachings. The practice has developed in recent years in France in many areas … Read more

The many benefits of meditation on our brain

The Belgian neurologist Steven Laureys, who is recognized worldwide for his studies on the state of consciousness of comatose patients, initially considered meditation with skepticism, seeing it first as a “fad”. But when an event turned his life upside down, it was yoga and the discovery of meditation that helped him. His scientific mind then … Read more

Mantra: meaning, benefits, how to find it?

Mantras are positive words and sounds from Hindu and Tibetan cultures whose purpose is to soothe us. Like the “Om” Mantra. Which are the most powerful and how to use them on a daily basis? Discovery with Anaïs Bonnamy, clinical psychologist. Summary Definition: what is a mantra? The mantras are positive phrases from sacred texts … Read more