Karmic Numerology at the Almond Trees Saint-Crespin Saint-Crespin Sunday, June 12, 2022

Karmic Numerology at the Almond Trees Saint-Crespin, June 12, 2022, Saint-Crespin. Karmic Numerology at Almond Trees Saint-Crespin2022-06-12 10:30:00 10:30:00 – 2022-06-12 16:30:00 16:30:00Saint-Crespin Seine-Maritime Saint-Crespin Ah, if mothers only knew! This famous notice that is missing when the child comes into the world, when we have no idea who he really is… When he is … Read more

Two Sisters, Three Years and Forty-One Days: Auschwitz-Birkenau Survival Guide

Two Sisters Three Years and Forty One Days Auschwitz Birkenau Survival Guide

Reading time: 8 mins “You better use your brain to figure out everything that’s going on, find tricks to get by. Which place is the hottest, which are the most dangerous, which serves a little more soup. Newcomers barely have time to figure out how to survive before they die.”– Rena Kornreich Gelissen, in January … Read more

Astrology: Elisabeth Borne her Aries sign, an advantage for the Prime Minister

Astrology Elisabeth Borne her Aries sign an advantage for the

Elisabeth Borne succeeds Jean Castex at the head of the government. Since Edith Cresson in 1991, she is only the second woman to hold this major position at the head of France. She will of course have a lot to do in a social and economic context that is difficult and tense to say the … Read more

Greek horses in the digital age – Arts – Culture

Greek horses in the digital age Arts Culture

Under the title The Myth of 99the Egyptian visual artist Dina Fahmy El-Rouby exhibits 99 paintings, figurative and abstract, at the gallery Cleg, taking different figures of horses. For her first solo exhibition, the artist, who is one of the owners of the gallery, has chosen to immerse us in the world of Greek mythology, … Read more

Numerology May 2020: what does May 11 mean, date of deconfinement?

Numerology May 2020 what does May 11 mean date of

May 11, 2020 will have been awaited for fifty-five days by all those residing in France. Why May 11? Why 55? These are not trivial numbers, and our astrologers Julie Gorse and Christian Maillé explain why. Julie Gorse is an astrology teacher, author of Decipher your horoscope, published by Hachette editions, a simple method to … Read more

Numerology: discover the meaning of your civic address

What if we told you that the number of your house or apartment address could have effects on the energy that revolves around you? That with a simple numerology calculation of your address you could discover the vibes of your accommodation? • Read also: Astrology: THE decoration to buy according to your zodiac sign Good. … Read more

Discover your love compatibility according to numerology

Discover your love compatibility according to numerology

We all know our astrological sign, but do you know your number? He will also allow you to learn more about your personality, and your love compatibility with your crush! Numerology is the belief that numbers and letters have special meaning and impact on our future and our journey in life. There are several types … Read more