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Head Heart Body Alignment to Achieve Your Goals Todaycom

Head-heart-body alignment is a psycho-corporal technique, derived from sophrology, to help you find serenity. You will give yourself the means to succeed in your projects by drawing on your personal resources and developing your bodily, emotional and mental fluidity. Head-heart-body alignment offers you to start from your inner resources to achieve your outer goals. If … Read more

French language: if the “national awakening” worked, we would know…

French language if the national awakening worked we would know

The observation does not lie. Whatever the indicator – mother tongue, spoken at home, at work, etc. –, the French are losing their feathers. Yellow lights had been on for a long time, however. • Read also – Decline of French: Roberge calls for “a national awakening” of Quebecers The problem is that immediately after … Read more

Chemins de Fer du Creusot: After the Covid, all the lights went back to green!

Chemins de Fer du Creusot After the Covid all the

Serge Chevalier reminded us that the Chemins de fer du Creusot came out of the Covid period in good conditions, which allows us to look to the future with serenity. “2022 was the year of rebirth. After 2 years of restriction and later opening of the season (in June) due to the pandemic, we were … Read more

La Ligule animal park in Mignault at an impasse since the visit of the SPW to its establishment

La Ligule animal park in Mignault at an impasse since

“All our animals are in perfect health, in order of detention and in order of health status with the FASFC. These are species from farms around the world. They are therefore not wild animals such as we can find in zoos.”, says Benoit Vandenbegrhe. “Last May, we received a letter from the SPW stating that, … Read more

Why do tech executives want to have so many kids?

Why do tech executives want to have so many kids

Several influential and wealthy leaders like Elon Musk believe in a collapse in the birth rate which risks harming the future of civilization. For the tier, they want the “good people” to breed a lot. This is the subject of Numerama’s newsletter, #Rule30, written each week by journalist Lucie Ronfaut. Elon Musk loves children. More … Read more

Love: Contrary to popular belief, opposites do not attract

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No, opposites don’t attract. It would even be the opposite: the more we resemble each other, the more we come together. Vou are smart and rather shy. He’s the pretty kid in the class, the one everyone worships or fears (your choice). Nothing connects you and yet… Yet, according to the saying popular, you will … Read more

To punish Disney, which opposes a conservative law, Florida goes after Disney World

To punish Disney which opposes a conservative law Florida goes

The amusement park could lose the favorable status it enjoys in Florida after Disney took a stand against the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law. The Florida legislature on Thursday passed a bill removing a favorable status enjoyed by the Disney World amusement park, the entertainment giant having defended certain progressive themes not appreciated by elected … Read more

Virtual diving in the high seas, the new attraction of Nausicaa

Virtual diving in the high seas the new attraction of

A deep sea dive without mask or snorkel. Became the largest aquarium in Europe Four years ago, Nausicaa continues to innovate. The national center of the sea presented, this Tuesday, its new immersive experience in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in Pas-de-Calais: an encounter in augmented reality with the gigantic animals that inhabit the seas. Wearing a helmet and … Read more

Les 3 signes astro les plus intelligents

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Quels sont les signes astrologiques les plus intelligents du Zodiaque ? Telle est l’interrogation à laquelle le site Gocompare a tenté d’y répondre. En effet , des chercheurs britanniques se sont penchés sur la question. Chaque année, une personnalité qui s’est distinguée dans un domaine qui contribue à une amélioration de l’humanité se voit … Read more