Eating these simple foods can slow Alzheimer’s disease by a third – CNET

Yoga of sound when singing takes a relaxing turn

Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug, lecanemab, has been making headlines recently. But that’s not the only good news on the dementia front. Far from there. Some might even say that we are making as much, if not more, progress outside of drug labs than inside. I’ve written before about the power of walking, crossword puzzles, and … Read more

Prophétie : véritable aperçu de l’avenir ou simple effet placebo ?

Prophetie veritable apercu de lavenir ou simple effet placebo

La prophétie, transmise par un être – qu’il soit prophète, devin ou simple humain – n’est autre qu’un message transcendant qui donne des indications sur les événements futurs. De tels messages sont l’apanage de la mythologie grecque, où les héros tragiques se voient confrontés à des destinées où leur libre-arbitre n’a pas sa place. Les … Read more

New Octo Power at Seimi, simple is beautifull –

New Octo Power at Seimi simple is beautifull BoatingActucom

Seimi distributes the energy production, management and conservation brand Whisper Power. In the Whisper Power range, the Octo Power represent modular solutions for energy autonomy allowing pleasure boats to do without a generator. This range expands considerably to cover all lengths of pleasure craft. Whisper Power Octo Power 6 Octo Power, what is it? octo-power … Read more

Christmas: 5 simple techniques to control holiday stress

Christmas 5 simple techniques to control holiday stress

THE ESSENTIAL More than 4 out of 10 parents of young children say they are anxious about the end-of-year celebrations (Ipsos/Qare 2022 survey). Women are more stressed during the Christmas period than men (39% vs 27%). Buying gifts, decorating the tree and the house, doing the shopping, preparing a Christmas meal … Read more

Adopting this simple position would allow stress to be evacuated in one fell swoop

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No need to be an expert yoga to derive maximum benefits from certain postures. The “Viparita-karani” or “half-candle” is the ultra-accessible position that allows you to release stress and anxiety without having to go through a sports session, meditation or a big Netflix & Chill session to decompress. Proof of its ultra simple and accessible … Read more

How to preserve memory with simple gestures?

How to preserve memory with simple gestures

Unhealthy lifestyles, natural aging of the brain, Alzheimer’s disease… As powerful as it is, our memory can be weakened by various factors. But, good news: “As several epidemiological studies have shown over the last few decades, it is possible to optimize one’s memory on a daily basis, to curb its decline, or even delay the … Read more

This Simple Pose Calms the Brain and Reduces Stress

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By Lena Couffin Posted 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago The “Viparita-karani” or half-stand yoga posture is said to reduce stress and promote blood circulation. Getty Images The ‘Viparita-karani’ or ‘half-stand’ yoga posture has gone viral on TikTok, racking up nearly 20 million views. Details on its benefits with an osteopath and yoga teacher. … Read more

Light therapy, mindfulness meditation, gratitude… Six simple tips to prevent depression

Light therapy mindfulness meditation gratitude Six simple tips to prevent

The doctor of neurobiology, and editor-in-chief of the journal “Cerveau et Psycho”, Sébastien Bohler, the doctor of psychiatry and neurosciences, psychiatrist and researcher at the AP-HM, Guillaume Fond, and the neuropsychiatrist Christophe André were the guests of the show Great good do you. At the microphone of Ali Rebeihi, they issued some advice to anticipate … Read more