Toulouse. Dixen, the writer resuscitated Louis XIV as a vampire

the essential Very prolific author of fantasy and science fiction novels, Victor Dixen is at Cultura Labège this Thursday from 1 p.m. for a meeting around the third volume of his Vampyria series. It was while reading The Lord of the Rings that the French writer Victor Dixen discovered a passion for science fiction. “This … Read more

“Disenchantment”, a “Healthy Crisis” for the Contemporary World – ZENIT – English

The “disenchantment”, which comes “almost inevitably” in old age, is “a salutary crisis”, said Pope Francis, commenting on the Old Testament book Qohelet, or Ecclesiastes, in which the author ironically questions the meaning of life and the vanity of human things. During the general audience of this Wednesday, May 25, 2022, in St. Peter’s Square … Read more

Macbeth at the Opéra de Nice: a flamboyant orchestral and vocal success

Macbeth at the Opera de Nice a flamboyant orchestral and

Verdi’s opera benefits from the lively direction of Daniele Callegari and a good cast. The staging, which loses the magic of Shakespeare along the way, is too busy to convince. Yes macbeth is still considered an early opera by Verdi, we are probably touching here on one of his first masterpieces. However, created in 1847 … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: the game offers us a brand new trailer

Hogwarts Legacy the game offers us a brand new trailer

Hogwarts Legacy is the promise of long hours discovering the wizarding world. Based on the famous universe created by JK Rowling, this game once again offers us very beautiful images, through a brand new trailer. Summary [Mis à jour le 25 mai 2022 à 13h25] A triple-A RPG in the universe ofHarry Potter do you like it? In … Read more

Manon Marsault, in panic, still a victim of witchcraft? She says it all!

Manon Marsault isagain the target of black magic? After the scandal of this beginning of the year around witchcraft, the star of reality TV fears to be still a victim of occult sciences. Totally frightened, the pretty brunette then asks her subscribers for advice. Objeko therefore always comes back to his statements, but above all … Read more

Modern witchcraft, a fashionable practice for reconnecting with oneself

Modern witchcraft a fashionable practice for reconnecting with oneself

How many times have we prayed to the universe to give us magical powers? For my part, as I write these lines, probably only ten times since this morning. Snapping my fingers and seeing the linen put away alone – and ironed – in its cupboard, wave a baguette and serve a dinner worthy of … Read more

The battle for light by Valentin Retz: A sorcery

The battle for light by Valentin Retz A sorcery

Un physically unsettling, stylistically stunning and spiritually uplifting book. Let’s not cut corners when talking about Valentin Retz’s new novel, which seems like his three previous ones (Great Art, Double and Perfect Black) in Gallimard’s L’Infini collection, so rare is it to read a literary work of such magnitude. A narrator accompanies his nephew to … Read more

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm, Blata reveals everything [Vidéos]

Gims denounced for witchcraft by his right arm Blata reveals

Marc Blata revealed that Insolent, his right arm, had contacted him to admit that Gims had indeed resorted to witchcraft… Booba recently teamed up with the man now nicknamed “Inspector” Marc Blata in order to bring to light the few pans that Gims would have. The influencer therefore began his undermining work recently, to have … Read more