Nos idées de sorties pour les samedi 1er et dimanche 2 octobre dans le Nord et le Pas-de-Calais

Nos idees de sorties pour les samedi 1er et dimanche

Après deux ans d’absence, le salon du jeu vidéo est de retour au forum Gambetta pour une 11e édition. Les gamers pourront tester leurs performances sur une centaine de postes de jeu dédiés sur consoles, sur mobile et sur PC. L’occasion de découvrir les nouveautés et de rencontrer les éditeurs et constructeurs qui soutiennent l’événement. … Read more

MORNING ESSENTIALS: wind turbines. Camaieu. Derby. Fire in Montiéramey. And sorcery. – Newspaper L’Est Éclair

MORNING ESSENTIALS wind turbines Camaieu Derby Fire in Montieramey And

What you need to know before starting this day. ______________________________________________________________ NEWS OF THE DAY Near the champagne vineyard, the wind turbines no longer have the wind in their sails The wind turbines that can be seen from the heights of Chervey will not be more numerous: the prefecture has rejected the request for extension presented … Read more

Sale of plants, parties, exhibitions… What to do this weekend in the Nord – Pas-de-Calais?

Sale of plants parties exhibitions What to do this weekend

By Amandine Vachez Published on 29 Sep 22 at 17:10 News Pas-de-Calais See my news Follow this media Several flea markets and flea markets are organized this weekend in Pas-de-Calais. (©AV/Lille news/Illustration) Lacking inspiration for the releases of the weekend ? Here are some tips for October 1 and 2, 2022 in the North and … Read more

In Cerisy, the countless facets of the work of Carlo Ginzburg, an essential historian

In Cerisy the countless facets of the work of Carlo

Italian historian Carlo Ginzburg, in Lyon, in 2008. ULF ANDERSEN/GETTY IMAGES The symposiums that have been held for seventy years at the Château de Cerisy-la-Salle (Manche) have established themselves as one of the main spaces of intellectual consecration in France. In the heart of the Normandy bocage, protected by its location away from the main … Read more

The France team at the heart of rumors and controversies

8 ways your skin suffers from your stress and how

The French Football Federation is now the subject of an investigation by So Foot. Rumors are flying everywhere. Sex scandals targeting Noël Le Graët, the Pogba affair, the return of Zidane to the France team, etc. The FFF is in crisis. It is therefore an extremely tense return to school for the French. Even if … Read more

Studio Ghibli: 10 memes that sum up the movies perfectly | Pretty Reel

Studio Ghibli 10 memes that sum up the movies perfectly

With the grand opening of the highly anticipated Park Ghibli just weeks away, there’s unsurprisingly a surge of interest in the studio’s award-winning animated films. Studio Ghibli films hold an irreplaceable place in pop culture, with its ever-growing fanbase often sharing their favorite lines, fan art, and, of course, memes. From precise starter packs to … Read more

Les mystères de Barcelone, un thriller horrifique à découvrir en salles mercredi 28 septembre

Les mysteres de Barcelone un thriller horrifique a decouvrir en

Mercredi 28 septembre sort sur les écrans un film espagnol retors et excessivement bien stylisé. Une histoire de disparitions d’enfants à Barcelone a défrayé la chronique au début du XXe siècle. Le film suit un journaliste à l’histoire trouble, entre rumeurs d’internement à l’asile et addiction à la morphine, dans un contexte poussé à l’extrême, … Read more

Cyril Hanouna will receive Gérald Darmanin in Face à Baba!

Actor Ethan Hawke reflects on Godard and grief at Raymond

As usual, Cyril Hanouna intends to invite Gérald Darmanin during his political program Face à Baba! Face à Baba is back on Thursday, October 20 with a new guest. Cyril Hanouna will therefore receive Gérald Darmanin to answer all his questions. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z. Cyril Hanouna is a hit … Read more

Netflix: here’s why the Blood Origin series will be much shorter than The Witcher

Netflix heres why the Blood Origin series will be much

At the end of December, fans of The Witcher can occupy themselves while waiting for the return of the series with Henry Cavill, through sound output prequel, Blood Originon netflix. If this one will unfortunately be particularly short, its showrunner, Declan de Barrawants to be reassuring on this subject. The Witcher Blood Origin : “a … Read more