Stranger Things season 4: the first reactions have fallen, and they make you want

Stranger Things season 4 the first reactions have fallen and

Yesterday, we revealed to you that the Vecna ​​monster could be a reincarnation of this character on the occasion of the next release of the fourth season of the series Stranger Things. And while many fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to the netflix seriesof which the first part will be released by the end … Read more

Culture – André Manoukian, Zabou Breitman and Afrobeat at the Auxerre theater for the 2022-2023 season

Culture Andre Manoukian Zabou Breitman and Afrobeat at the

“We usually announce the program on September 1, but that is sometimes already too late for the spectators, to organize themselves”. Pierre Kechkéguian, the director of the Auxerre theater, is eager to unveil the stage program for the 2022-2023 season. Three headliners, one of which is already in presale, have been announced: the Nigerian international … Read more

Despite a reduced season, the Aubois Nigloland park was full of visitors

Nestled in the Aube department, the fifth amusement park in France welcomed 590,000 visitors this year, with record attendance this summer and on the occasion of Halloween. Only the particular context of the year, which notably led to the usual opening of the park being postponed by two months, prevented Nigloland from recording record attendance … Read more

Stranger Things season 4 villain is Pennywise, Pinhead and Freddy Krueger rolled into one

The cast and crew behind Stranger Things Season 4 teased the overwhelming threat posed by the latest villain, Vecna, who has been described as “their version of a Pennywise, Pinhead, or Freddy Krueger.” Speaking to IGN, director Shawn Levy did some serious hype work for the latest villain, calling it “unlike anything that’s come before.” … Read more

Me, When I’m Reincarnated as Slime Season 3: Release Date, Plot and Cast

The anime series based on the light novel series written by Fuse is one of the most popular isekai series in the market right now. The story revolves around Rimuru, a man who is killed and reincarnated as a slime in another world. The Adventures of Rimuru have proven to be particularly entertaining, and it’s … Read more

Stranger Things season 4: the Vecna ​​monster could be a reincarnation of this character

Stranger Things season 4 the Vecna ​​monster could be a

Highly anticipated by fans, season 4 of Stranger Things will be available from May 27 on Netflix. If many intrigues will have to be explored, a theory would like the monster featured in future episodes either in reality a reincarnation of this character. Stranger things season 4, what to expect After more than three years … Read more

Stranger Things Season 4 Poster Asks Vecna ​​To Watch Our Favorite Characters

The main cast of stranger things Season 4 is ominously watched over by mysterious new villain Vecna ​​in the latest poster. Posted via social networksThe poster continues the series’ penchant for paying homage to 1980s films in its design, with the hit Netflix show’s fourth season set to land on the streaming platform later this … Read more

NBA: Nikola Jokic MVP for the 2nd season in a row

How do you say “back-to-back” in Serbian? “Drugi put zaredom!”. Nikola Jokic, the embodiment of the dominance of foreign basketball players in the NBA and the era of ultra-versatile giants, became the 13th player in history to be named regular season MVP for the second season in a row. Aged 27, the Denver Nuggets pivot … Read more