In Brazil, the boom in mystical retreats in a nature reserve

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Eyes closed, bodies coated in a layer of greyish clay mud, a dozen tourists in bathing suits stamp their feet to the rhythm of the drum, in the middle of the luxuriant vegetation of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, 230 km from Brasília. “It’s the energy of mother earth!” exclaims Michelle Ximenes, who leads this “shamanic … Read more

Bertrand Chamayou: “We need Olivier Messiaen’s mysticism more than ever”

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All summer 2022, Bertrand Chamayou commemorates the 30th anniversary of Olivier Messiaen’s death by performing one of his key works: Twenty looks at the Child Jesus, that the Toulouse pianist has just recorded with Erato. How does one fall in love, as a child, with a cycle as monumental as the Twenty looks at the … Read more

The mystical delusions of Eugène Vintras – Tribune de Lyon

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His mysterious soul has rested under the imposing tombstones of the new Guillotière cemetery for more than a century. Eugène Vintras, died in December 1875 between Rhône and Saône and buried in 7e district, left behind a dark story worthy of a bad horror TV movie. This article is part of our summer saga around … Read more

Batch. “The Book of Miracles”, a mystical farce, created in Rocamadour

Batch The Book of Miracles a mystical farce created in

By Jean-Claude Bonnemere Published on 10 Jul 22 at 8:00 updated on 10 Jul 22 at 8:23 Lot news See my news Follow this media Four theatrical evenings around the “Book of Miracles” of Rocamadour, by Gérard Lavayssière. Free entries. (©DR) This piece of Gérard Lavayssière’s theater titled ” The Book of Miracles of Rocamadour … Read more

Le Mystique Père Noël du Quartier des D… – L’Hebdo du St-Maurice

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NOËL.  Alors que la pénombre s’installait en fin d’après-midi vendredi dernier, le Père Noël, accompagné des membres de la Pat Patrouille, déambulait dans les rues d’un quartier de Shawinigan-Sud, frappant aux portes des maisons et distribuant des cadeaux aux enfants… Avant qu’il ne reparte au Pôle Nord, L’Hebdo est allé à la rencontre de ce … Read more

Dwell in the Church, “Mystical Body of Jesus Christ”

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If members of the Church are sick, however eminent in their office or mission, the Mystical Body remains intact. When times are explosive, when the world is shaken to its foundations by choices that go against natural law and against God, nothing is spared, no one. It is therefore not surprising that the Church, in … Read more



The question of why the mystical dimension of Ignatius’ life was almost forgotten or deliberately underestimated for over 400 years leads to a long and fascinating story. Its rediscovery is largely due to the revival of interest in the original Ignatian sources, which had already manifested itself at the beginning of the twentieth century but … Read more

“The Northman”: a visceral and mystical Nordic tragedy

The Northman a visceral and mystical Nordic tragedy

Vikings with muscles covered in a thick layer of hemoglobin. Hallucinated visions mixing psychotropics and paganism. Heroes guided by a destiny whose name is vengeance. This is the journey that director Robert Eggers offers us in his new film The Northman. After exploring the myth of the witch in early settler America with the excellent … Read more