Third trend of the 366/BVA study: Together but different! – Influence

Third trend of the 366BVA study Together but different

The woman does the shopping, the cooking and the dishes. The man prepares the barbecue. This caricatural staging of daily life was at the heart of a violent controversy in the summer of 2022, following a speech by the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau. The elected one urged to changing mentality so that eating a steak cooked … Read more

Mental health: what is the anxiety ring, this new trend that is a hit on TikTok?

Mental health what is the anxiety ring this new trend

While scientists have been wondering about the effects of TikTok on mental health, for several days now, we have seen a trend on this social network that tends precisely to preserve it. And this one comes in the form of an anxiety ring, meant to calm stress. Pdid we really have relieve stress with a … Read more

Sleep tourism: how to explain the rise of this new travel trend?

Sleep tourism how to explain the rise of this new

Forget guided tours of historical monuments, tastings of local gastronomic specialties or even walks in breathtaking natural spots: the latest trend in tourism is “sleep tourism” in English. – if we are to believe the articles that have been springing up lately in the international press. ⋙ Quiche Lorraine, moussaka, goulash… What is the carbon … Read more

Here is the well-being trend for the year 2023, many French people have already conquered

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Priority to well-being for this year 2023. This is what the French would seek in the first place in view of the results of a recent study carried out by, Abritel and on the main travel trends for the next year. For the very first time, the three brands of Expedia Group have … Read more

Dawn dating: this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie that takes the pressure off the first date

Dawn dating this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie

In 2022, alcohol is no longer fashionable, including on our dates. A new trend seems to be taking shape and, today, we meet love even before having had our coffee. If the idea of ​​seeing your crush fresh seduces you, here are some tips for testing “dawn dating”! Et if you traded your glass of … Read more

Trend 2022: Be more stylish this year by adopting the “Double Belt” style as a belt!

Trend 2022 Be more stylish this year by adopting the

With this trendy belt, you will be more elegant than ever. We show you how to wear it in this article! Sometimes, you think you know everything and master fashion. However, this is not always the case! Why ? It is constantly evolving. His reincarnation depends on temporal and subjective factors. Thus, if a trend … Read more

Haaland is Man City’s latest gem in the Bundesliga but he’s bucking the trend in the PL.

Haaland is Man Citys latest gem in the Bundesliga but

It would be an understatement to say that Erling Haaland has enjoyed resounding success since joining the Premier League. It’s been a smash hit that shows no signs of stopping. Far from being a ‘one-hit wonder’, he will be more Spice Girls than Gotye, but his arrival from Germany proved to be Manchester City’s latest … Read more

Body balance: the new trend to slim down and relax

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Body Balance is the practice of a fitness activity which puts more emphasis on gentle gymnastics. It is more about relaxation and more like Yoga and Tai-chi. Its practice has positive consequences both mentally and physically and also allows a liberation of the body. In this article, let’s zoom in on the body balance practice … Read more

Meditation Market Size, Share by Development History, Business Outlook, Trend, Top Manufacturers 2028 || DBMR Information –

Meditation Market Size Share by Development History Business Outlook Trend

With the overall marketing report, it becomes easy to make informed decisions that ultimately deliver maximum ROI from marketing spend. With a well-equipped global delivery center and a highly skilled research team, new milestones are constantly being created for enterprise research services. These market research report services offer beneficial solutions to start-ups as well as … Read more