Deco: infrared saunas, meditation spots… Well-being dictates the trend in 2022

Adam RolstonCreative Director and CEO of INC Architecture & Design, a design and interior architecture agency based in New York, also explains that wellness has become its top priority. Recently, he imagined the spaces of a building in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, according to this principle. Spa-like facilities have been spread throughout the structure, such as … Read more

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genre’s Worst New Trend – GameSpot

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Saikyou no Mamono ni Narumichi wo Tadoru Ore, Isekaijuu of Zamaa wo Shikkou! The trope of reincarnation has been the bane of manga industry even before infiltrating each new title released. It’s even more shocking when the heroes reincarnate in a gamified world that emulates RPGs. The trend’s current ubiquity only … Read more

Modern witchcraft: 3 books to know everything about this trend

Modern witchcraft 3 books to know everything about this trend

Rituals, incantations, spells… Modern witchcraft is in vogue, eyeing the side of personal development, feminist positivism and the relationship with nature. More and more people are turning to this more truly occult practice, whether to discover a new spiritual path, to connect with themselves, the surrounding world, or simply out of curiosity. Here are 3 … Read more