Mental health: what is the anxiety ring, this new trend that is a hit on TikTok?

While scientists have been wondering about the effects of TikTok on mental health, for several days now, we have seen a trend on this social network that tends precisely to preserve it. And this one comes in the form of an anxiety ring, meant to calm stress.

Pdid we really have relieve stress with a ring ? Since its popularization in 2020 during the first confinement, the TikTok social network has become the privileged place to display new trends, whether in terms of challenges, series, or even everyday objects. Among them, the anxiety ringsor “anxiety rings”, which are acclaimed by subscribers for their ability to calm stress. Objects now very coveted, whose keyword accumulates 69 million views, these anxiety rings are composed one or two rings on which there are small pearls that we make move.

Inspired by Stylist ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation traditions, which use “prayer wheels” to pray and soothe body and mindthis jewel would allow drive away stress as it is handled or spinning the beads. “Diverting your attention to an object, such as a ring, can bring short term reliefsoothe the anxiety within you grounded in the present moment“, thus explains to Stylist psychologist Catherine Hallissey, who also specifies that “people have been using jewelry for this for many years, long before it was popularized by TikTok”.

The anxiety ring, a real remedy against stress?

Thus, you may have already happened to frantically touch a necklace in order to soothe yourself in a great moment of stress, or follow the contours of an earring while feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The anxiety ring, popularized by TikTok, has the same calming principle. “By focusing your attention on the ring and using your senses to look at it and feel it when you move it on your finger, you can divert your attention from any anxious thoughts”, explains Catherine Hallissey, who adds that it “is a anchoring technique commonly used to relieve anxiety”.


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However, the psychologist warns against a marketing trend which, if it appeases, does not cure the causes of the malaise. “Although anxiety rings don’t address the cause of the anxiety, they can be used to alleviate it by grounding you in the present moment,” she admits.

And even if jewelry exhibited in the TikTok videos are mostly very beautiful and set with colored stones, know that you can do this little meditation exercise with a ring that you already have. “For some people, the simple fact of wearing a ring can provide some comfort, just knowing that it is there”, concludes Catherine Hallissey. A little meditation technique for relieve stress at any time of the day.

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Mental health: what is the anxiety ring, this new trend that is a hit on TikTok?

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