Netflix: after Family Business, this new comic series is a hit with Internet users (20 tweets)

Netflix after Family Business this new comic series is a

Two years later Simply Black which earned him the César for Best Male Newcomer, Jean-Pascal Zadi returns to the production and the poster ofIn place, series broadcast on Netflix. In this fiction which follows the presidential candidacy of Stéphane Bléan educator from the Parisian suburbs who has no experience in politics, Jean-Pascal Zadi offers a … Read more

The majority of small business owners plan to sell their business within 10 years

1673596111 The majority of small business owners plan to sell their

The majority of small business owners plan to sell their business within 10 years: more than $2 trillion in business assets are at stake. According to a new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), more than $2 trillion ($2T) in business assets could change hands as three quarters (76%) of small business … Read more

Astrology, magic jewelry, gurus… Behind the business of esotericism, a real thirst for spirituality

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

The market for esotericism is flourishing. A curious commercial alchemy that hides a real aspiration to spirituality. Decryption. Astrology (celestial configurations), numerology (properties of numbers), lithotherapy (benefits of stones), tarotoracles, shamanism, vipassana meditation are not new beliefs and practices. But in recent years, they have crystallized the different faces of the sacred in our Western … Read more

Jealousy, consumerism and ecological disaster: the underside of the business of witchcraft – Elle

Judo A mixed Champions League for Agbegnenou Dicko and Riner

Arlette is a modern-day witch. Understand: she casts spells, concocts potions, and explains everything in videos, on TikTok and Instagram (@lespetitschaudrons) – where she has more than 300,000 subscribers. Its editorial line? “I offer little magic rituals accessible to everyone, which make you feel better”, sums up the 30-year-old. We have in turn a tutorial … Read more

FORGOTTEN BUSINESS. The Paul Fronczak case, this missing baby who was replaced by another

FORGOTTEN BUSINESS The Paul Fronczak case this missing baby who

Paul Fronczak had just been born when he disappeared on April 27, 1964, at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. Closer returns to this shocking affair. The story is worthy of a Hollywood movie. On April 27, 1964, at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, medical staff reported the disappearance of a newborn baby. Little Paul Fronczak, … Read more

Quelle époque ! : Les marchés de Noël, entre business et tradition ! – Dis-leur !

Quelle epoque Les marches de Noel entre business

La plupart sont des “galeries marchandes teintées de folklore transportées dans un lieu chimérique dans l’attente que se libèrent les pulsions enfantines d’achat”, comme le dit le socio-anthropologue Abdu Gnaba. Parfois, c’est la bonne surprise, comme à l’abbaye de Valmagne ou au Baza’r, à Sète : c’est un marché de Noël vertueux, comme une “parenthèse enchantée”, … Read more

Meditation in business: the criticisms are the same as those aimed at CSR 20 years ago

Meditation in business the criticisms are the same as those

Mindfulness meditation, which has its origins in many multiple spiritual traditionshas entered companies in recent years, and could provide some answers to a society that would have been carried away in a frantic managerial race where continuous growth and time pressures have become major challenges of modern life. Recently we conducted a study where we … Read more

Growing your business is “a marathon”

How heart coherence can help you relax and de stress

L’Echo surveyed a few CEOs of SMEs and fast-growing companies. Endurance and passion, they have them. All they lack is an ecosystem worthy of the name in French-speaking Belgium. They are neither start-ups or offshoots of universities, nor large companies established for a long time on Belgian territory. High-growth companies, scale-ups in English jargon, are … Read more