Horoscope for Tuesday, January 10, 2023: we continue the week in style (or not) – X Gossip

ITA Airways strengthens its Italy Algeria flight program

This Tuesday, January 10 promises to be positive for some signs and quite complicated for others! So how is your day going? Your horoscope in detail! This second week of January 2023 continues with its share of surprises. What to expect today? Suspense… Whatever your zodiac signeverything will be fine thanks advice from your astro … Read more

Magical and mystical night to end Rio Carnival in style

Matteo Guendouzi selected for the World Cup who is Mae

In a sambadrome in a trance, this school in Duque de Caxias, a poor suburb north of Rio, highlighted Exu, the Afro-Brazilian deity of the party, often demonized by the neo-Pentecostal churches which support the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro. – “Affirm my identity” – Paraiso do Tuiuti, the first of six schools to parade overnight … Read more

IKEA Christmas 2022: 10+ magical essentials to spend the winter in style!

IKEA Christmas 2022 10 magical essentials to spend the winter

Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t wait! This year, IKEA has outdone itself! As soon as I saw that the Christmas decorations were out, I was over the moon! If you want to bring some freshness into your home and welcome the magic of Christmas, this is the perfect place to do it. In … Read more

Trend 2022: Be more stylish this year by adopting the “Double Belt” style as a belt!

Trend 2022 Be more stylish this year by adopting the

With this trendy belt, you will be more elegant than ever. We show you how to wear it in this article! Sometimes, you think you know everything and master fashion. However, this is not always the case! Why ? It is constantly evolving. His reincarnation depends on temporal and subjective factors. Thus, if a trend … Read more

Louis Moinet – Maya Eclipse – Trends and style – WorldTempus

1665448744 Louis Moinet Maya Eclipse Trends and style

spirit of creation “MAYA ECLIPSE” embodies the cosmic and fascinating phenomenon of the eclipse, using technology in the service of poetry. It offers us the spectacular meeting of the moon and the sun 18 times per hour, and whose central point is the magic axis of the pyramid of “KUKULCÁN”. In Maya society and culture, … Read more

Quel style de déco vous correspond selon votre signe astrologique ?

Astro your horoscope for Tuesday July 5 2022

Vous venez d’acquérir un bien immobilier et n’avez pas d’idées pour la déco ? Vous avez envie de quelque chose de 100 % personnalisé ? Et si vous faisiez confiance à l’astrologie ? Vous l’ignoriez peut-être, mais il semblerait que chaque signe du zodiaque ait ses petites préférences en termes de décoration. Bien sûr, tout … Read more

Brazil | Magical and mystical night to end Rio Carnival in style

Brazil Magical and mystical night to end Rio Carnival

(Rio de Janeiro) Giant elephants on majestic floats, baobabs, black superheroes: the Rio Carnival parades ended on Sunday, celebrating the African roots of Brazil, for the return of the festivities after two long years of waiting. Posted April 24 Louis GENOT France Media Agency The irrepressible urge to party was evident in this country which … Read more

Kanye West: throwback to the college style of the Dropout Bear

Kanye West throwback to the college style of the Dropout

During his college musical days, Kanye West was in tune with his well-known mascot, the Dropout Bear. Back on his most beautiful clothes of the time. If there is a brand image attached to the character of Kanye West, it is the Dropout Bear. But yes, you know, it’s this cute little bear that appears … Read more

Gutsy | Courageous Women, Clinton Style

Gutsy Courageous Women Clinton Style

After the success of their book The Book of Gutsy Womenwhich became a bestseller in the United States after its release in 2019, Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea are once again shining their spotlight on the courageous women who inspire them. Gutsy, an eight-episode documentary series they produced, is now available on Apple TV+. … Read more

Season launch in style for Théâtre 14 – Toutaculture

Season launch in style for Theatre 14 Toutaculture

Théâtre 14 invited us this weekend to a musical and theatrical season launch, in the heart of the warm 14 arrondissement. A look back at the festivities as part of the Paris Off Festival. The shows and events concocted by the theater team all take place outdoors, in the courtyards and pedestrian streets around the … Read more