Lanfrey, where is it? People of Lanfrey, our village is in danger! – The Omnibus

Lanfrey where is it People of Lanfrey our village is

This is how the syndic of this village could have expressed himself at the beginning of the 16th century. This is also how Fabrice De Icco could have started his presentation this Saturday morning on the Place du Bourg de Romainmôtier. In any case, it was through the development company that organized the event that … Read more

Yuri Berezkin: “People don’t invent their stories, they copy them”

You have created a database of myths from around the world, used by many mythologists. How was this approach born? Yuri Berezkin: It’s a long-term project, which emerged almost unconsciously, I would say 50 years ago, as part of my archaeological work. I was first interested in the parallels that I saw between the myths … Read more

Esotericism 2.0: when young people try their hand at divinatory practices – Vatican News

Esotericism is fashionable, especially among young people. Magic rituals and initiations to the divinatory arts abound on social networks. But these practices are far from trivial. Lighting. Interview by Manuella Affejee – Vatican City Astrology, divination, cartomancy, mediumship: these esoteric practices have been on the rise for a few years and are arousing more and … Read more

Plopsaland (De Panne): nine people stuck in a merry-go-round 35 meters high!

Plopsaland De Panne nine people stuck in a merry go round 35

On Saturday, nine people got stuck in the “Ride to Happiness”, a kind of roller coaster at the Plopsaland amusement park in De Panne (Belgium). They remained in this position for six hours, before being lowered to the ground, safe and sound. The breakdown occurred around 5:30 p.m., when the nine people were seated in … Read more

Beautiful people have a better immune system

(ETX Daily Up) – Stop everything! If you thought beauty was a story of subjectivity, diktats, or injunctions, you were wrong. It would actually be directly linked to the good health – or not – of your immune system, as revealed by a team of American researchers. Incredible, but (potentially) true! Who said it wasn’t … Read more