Why people born during this period don’t have the right ascendant – Elle

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Published on January 31, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. ©lcodacci – iStock/Canva You thought astrology never mixed with history? Missed. People born during these five years have the wrong ascendant, here’s why. Your grandmother was born in 1942 and you always thought that her strong character was due to her ascendant Ram ? Perhaps you are … Read more

These most famous beliefs and theories among young people

These most famous beliefs and theories among young people

Young people are gullible. It is an affirmation which is verified in our time, as in the past. However, in recent years, the emergence of social networks has brought conspiracy theories to the fore. Many people are confronted with it, especially young people. At an age when discernment is not given to everyone, a lot … Read more

Conspiracy, astrology, alternative medicine: young people believe less and less in science

Conspiracy astrology alternative medicine young people believe less and less

Young people believe less and less in science. And they are increasingly permeable to alternative medicine, conspiracy theories and pseudo-science. Several voices believe that the modes of information, via social networks, and the gradual disappearance of scientific and technological culture in education are responsible for this paradigm shift. The proportion of young people who have … Read more

Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news, many young people are wary of science

1673557896 Increasingly seduced by the occult and fake news many young

Visactu Examples? The pyramids of Egypt were built, for 19% of respondents, by extraterrestrials. You can abort without risk with a simple herbal tea (25%). The big step for humanity that Neil Armstrong took in the summer of 1969 is a big joke: Americans have never been to the Moon (20%). They are also 27% … Read more

Company. Platism, astrology, creationism… Young people increasingly suspicious of science

Company Platism astrology creationism Young people increasingly suspicious of science

The Earth is flat, the Americans have never been to the Moon, the pyramids were built by aliens, the assault on the Capitol was staged… An Ifop poll for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation published this Thursday warn of the fact that conspiratorial theses, and more generally irrational beliefs, are on the rise among young people aged … Read more

For one in five young French people, Americans have never been to the Moon

The 5 tools you need to succeed according to Harvard

Posted Jan 12, 2023, 1:54 PM Is the relationship of trust between young people and science falling apart? An Ifop survey for the Reboot Foundation and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation is interested in the question. “Between platism, astrology, creationism, witchcraft and vaccinophobia”, the study, in which 2,003 people aged 11 to 24 participated, “shows the secession … Read more

TikTok generation, “toctoc” generation? Survey on the misinformation of young people and their relationship to science and the paranormal in the age of social networks – IFOP

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At a time when TikTok is establishing itself as the favorite social network of young French people, what do we know about the impact of this platform on its users, who are more and more likely to use it for entertainment but also for get informed? While the health crisis has been fertile ground for … Read more

Flat Earth, astrology… The credulity of young people reaches new heights

Astro quel metier correspond vraiment a votre signe astrologique 

RNationalists, science popularizers and teachers of Earth sciences and life, beware, this article may depress you. The Jean Jaurès Foundation and the Foundation Reboot commissioned Ifop to conduct a survey* of young people “aimed at measuring their porosity to scientific untruths with regard to their use of social networks”. The results, appalling, show “the secession … Read more

“He heals many people stricken with all kinds of diseases” (Mk 1,29-39) | RCF

Free daily horoscope what does Thursday December 8 2022 have

Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark During that time,straight out of the synagogue in Capernaum,Jesus and his disciples went, with James and John,in the house of Simon and André.Now Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed,she had a fever.Immediately, Jesus was told about the sick woman.Jesus approached,grabs her by the handand got her up.The fever … Read more

People with this trait are more likely to burn out, study finds

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Whether professional or personal, burnout can affect anyone. However, a researcher has found that there is a character trait that is most at risk of suffering from this exhaustion which can be dangerous for mental health. Perfectionists are more likely to burn out It is Gordon Parker, Australian professor and psychiatrist at the University of … Read more