Lay people are encouraged to speak out on euthanasia – Riposte-catholique

Lay people are encouraged to speak out on euthanasia

Following the meeting between representatives of the episcopate and Agnes Firmin Le BodoMinister Delegate for Health Professions, Msgr. Jordy was questioned in Christian family. Extract : During the last bioethics laws, the Church said that it had the impression of being listened to a lot but not heard. Did you feel like you were listened … Read more

Jennifer Lopez hates people of this zodiac sign and refuses to hire them

Jennifer Lopez hates people of this zodiac sign and refuses

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez believes in astrology and seems to use it in her professional life. Indeed, the information was blown to us by the actress and former professional dancer, Heather Morris. The latter discovered the little peculiarity of the diva during an audition… So do you part of the astrological sign hated by JLo ? … Read more

Paul Pogba case: his brother, Mathias, and four other people in police custody

Paul Pogba case his brother Mathias and four other people

POGBA CASE. Mathias, Paul Pogba’s older brother, was taken into custody, along with four other people. He presented himself to the investigation service. Summary [Mis à jour le 14 septembre 2022 à 22h51] New chapter in the Pogba case. This Wednesday afternoon, Mathias Pogba and three other people were taken into police custody in the … Read more

Rose Pilates sessions at Améthyste, in Argentan, for people with cancer

Rose Pilates sessions at Amethyste in Argentan for people with

By OJ writing Published on 10 Sep 22 at 6:04 The Journal of the Orne See my news Follow this media Pascaline Catherine Mézeray offers appropriate care during or after cancer treatment in Argentan. (©Emmy Butterfly) In his sport, fitness and well-being studio Amethystat argentanin L’adornsPascaline Catherine Mézeray offers courses in Pilates, yoga, wellness gym… … Read more

Why do young people increasingly believe in witchcraft?

Quelques types de sport a pratiquer en cas de fatigue

Sorcerers and marabouts, the new gurus The Pogba affair, which is shaking the media for the moment, has brought back to the fore the question of curious practices of maraboutage, bad luck and witchcraft. With such a famous, so connected character, it is hard to believe that such ancestral beliefs can have such an influence … Read more

Sumfest: between conscience and rejoicing, the people have made their choice – Juno7

Sumfest between conscience and rejoicing the people have made their

Sumfest: between conscience and rejoicing, the Haitian people have made their choice. Looks like all was well in the Haitian capital on July 31 during the annual festival Sumfest which took place for the fourth time without any incident. Looks like all the problems were solved in the country. The Côte des Arcadins was the … Read more

France Telecom appeal trial: “Perhaps there were people who were the subject of harassment”

Mayan beliefs purification of the soul reincarnation 50 years in

“I approved the main part of the indictment”, loose one of the three lawyers of the CEO, Didier Lombard, “but you were wrong, Mr. Advocate General, to consider that the State had no responsibility . He has [au contraire] a major responsibility. The same believes that at the time of the implementation of the Next … Read more

Astrology: What are the characteristics of people who are native to the horoscope sign of Virgo?

Astrology What are the characteristics of people who are native

The natives of the astrological sign of Virgo are very particular. Find out more in this section. The people of horoscope sign of Virgo were born between August 23 and September 22. They are especially recognized by their great seriousness. These people always think before doing anything. And they want to succeed in what they … Read more

Why meditation is gaining ground among young people

Why meditation is gaining ground among young people

Youth is a period during which the desire for freedom and risk-taking take precedence. Health is not a priori a priority for young French people, if we are to believe the results of the polls. However, the severe disruptions caused by the Covid-19 crisis in their studies, their career choices and their work have resulted … Read more