Is Reincarnation Biblical?

Is Reincarnation Biblical

Eastern spiritualities have been on the rise for a number of years. Some Christians even ask themselves the question: is there a biblical basis for reincarnation? True foundation of Hindu philosophies, the doctrine of reincarnation, also called “transmigration of souls”Where “metempsychosis”, attracts more and more Westerners. At the base there is the “karma”. It is … Read more

Can Naofumi And The New Arc Team Defeat Kyo? – Tech Tribune France

Watching the final two episodes of The Rising of the Shield Hero has been a roller coaster ride! Recent events in Season 2 may have turned for the worse. But fans shouldn’t worry too much as the characters might still be given hope in the recent future. Hello and welcome! Today, let’s dive into the … Read more

Karmic relationship: how to recognize this powerful love?

The karmic love relationship has something to fascinate. When it knocks on your door, it imposes itself as an unpredictable necessity. This meeting aims to help us discover our deep “self”, to elevate ourselves and make us better. The karmic relationship presupposes the existence of “karma”, a term that would like every behavior, good or … Read more

Pécresse already president… or the cracking of the polls

It makes you wonder why we still bother to organize an election. This Wednesday, December 8, in One, the Noon dispatch gave a preview of the result of the second round of the presidential election: ” Macron beaten by Pécresse “. Clairvoyance is not yet part of the talents of our colleagues, the latter actually … Read more

Review: Three thousand years waiting for you, a breathtaking love story by George Miller

During the Cannes Film Festival, Konbini shares its favorites with you. Three thousand waiting for you, what’s this ? We all remember the shock felt seven years ago now in front of Mad Max: Fury Road, the explosive fourth part of a saga initiated by George Miller. An underestimated man, who is taken for the … Read more

Microlino: this electric car in the shape of a mini-pod is really going to come out!

Microlino this electric car in the shape of a mini pod

We thought for a while that the cute Microlino, which made us fall in love with the shows, would never see the light of day. This project for a small urban and electric vehicle finally seems on the right track to succeed. The first deliveries are now scheduled for the end of 2022. The prototype … Read more

Divination pendulum use: why and how does it work?

Divination pendulum use why and how does it work

L’divinatory pendulum use uses magnetic forces. It has an important utility for certain men: scientists or businessmen who have recourse to it very often. It is therefore wise to know the meaning and usefulness of a pendulum in divination. Here’s everything you need to know in this post. What is a divinatory pendulum? The divinatory … Read more

Full Moon June 2022 in Sagittarius: A source of positive energy?

May Full Moon in Scorpio Whats in Store for You

SUPER FULL STRAWBERRY MOON. It’s almost time for the June full moon. And it will be red, like the one in May! Let’s immediately see what influence it will have on us humble earthlings. Can full moons change our behavior, play on our moods? Everyone will be able to judge for themselves and especially in … Read more

Stranger Things season 4: the first reactions have fallen, and they make you want

Stranger Things season 4 the first reactions have fallen and

Yesterday, we revealed to you that the Vecna ​​monster could be a reincarnation of this character on the occasion of the next release of the fourth season of the series Stranger Things. And while many fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to the netflix seriesof which the first part will be released by the end … Read more

Karkadé or Guinea sorrel: hypotensive

Karkade or Guinea sorrel hypotensive

The karkade (Hibiscus sabdariffa) belongs to the Malvaceae family. Genre Hibiscus counts around 200 species of shrubs and evergreen trees of annuals, annuals and herbaceous perennials mainly from tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions. Their decorative flowers constitute their ornamental strength as also confirmed by this species which also has therapeutic virtues. Karkadé, a … Read more