PORTRAIT. Nora Granovsky, director: “our role is to be a storyteller”

PORTRAIT Nora Granovsky director our role is to be a

When she stages shows, Nora Granovsky goes out to meet the public to develop territorial projects. A way to value the experience. For this, she uses the transversality of the arts. All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon The director Nora Granovsky trained in Paris, the perfect place to perfect her theater, with … Read more

Michael Dray. One Macron can hide another… – Tribune Juive

Michael Dray One Macron can hide another… Tribune Juive

Emmanuel Macron, or rather his wax statue, entered the Grévin museum in May 2018 “Who is Macron? For some, impressed by his power of seduction and his reformist rhetoric, he would be the natural son of Kennedy and Mendes-France. We can doubt it; the first had more charisma and the second more principles. For others, … Read more

Science fiction and fantasy – The films of February 2023

Science fiction and fantasy The films of February 2023

We find ourselves with the releases to come over the next few weeks, always through the prism of science fiction and fantasy films! Maurice, the Fabulous Cat – 1er February 2023. By Toby Genkel, Florian Westermann.With Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke, Himesh Patel. Maurice the fabulous cat arrives in a new city, with his friends the … Read more

Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the mythical combi revived! – Challenges

1675186914 Volkswagen ID Buzz the mythical combi revived Challenges

For more than twenty years, Volkswagen has been dangling the return of the Combi, one of its true historical icons. Probably driven by the enthusiasm around its still recent New Beetle at the time, the Wolfsburg manufacturer had split, at the Detroit Motor Show in 2001, the Microbus concept car, a modern reinterpretation of the … Read more

Ancient puzzle: the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered in Belgium

Ancient puzzle the fragment of a mysterious Roman dodecahedron discovered

While walking through a plowed field near the small Flemish town of Kortessem (Belgium), amateur archaeologist Patrick Schuermans comes across a mysterious fragment with his detector. Sent to scientists at the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, it was finally identified by experts in December, reports LiveScience January 26, 2023: Although only one corner remains, the original … Read more

Disgaea 7 : tout savoir sur le gameplay, les nouveautés, les personnages, l’histoire et plus, avec de nombreuses vidéos, images et illustrations – Nintendo-Difference

1675100458 Disgaea 7 tout savoir sur le gameplay les nouveautes

Elle célèbre en ce 30 janvier son 20e anniversaire, la saga Disgaea de Nippon Ichi Software a eu droit à son septième épisode principal, sobrement intitulé Disgaea 7. Disponible depuis ce 26 janvier au Japon sur Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 et PS5, avec une démo gratuite sortie le 12 janvier (Switch / PS4 / PS5) … Read more

Peter Duchemin: “The Tarots have been the driver of my life for 20 years in Hong Kong”

1675100145 Peter Duchemin The Tarots have been the driver of my

Peter carries out an original activity in Hong Kong: educator in kabbalistic tarot. The tarot is this card game popular with French final year students during inter-courses but also used by fortune-tellers for divination. Peter decided to combine the symbolism of the cards with a philosophical approach. We went to meet this Canadian like no … Read more

AFRICA/DR CONGO – What is the “Kimbanguist Church”?

AFRICADR CONGO What is the Kimbanguist Church

AFRICA/DR CONGO – What is the “Kimbanguist Church”? Kinshasa (Agenzia Fides) – Among the different denominations present in the Democratic Republic of Congo (a country which is preparing to welcome Pope Francis on an apostolic visit), there is one which was born during the time of Belgian colonization. This is the “Kimbanguist Church”, whose official … Read more