If you sleep in this position every night, you increase your risk of back pain | So Busy Girls

If you sleep in this position every night you increase

We all have one preferred sleeping position, and instinctively, from night to night, it’s the one we adopt without even asking ourselves a question. However, the position in which we sleep has a real impact on our health. To avoid negative consequences and capitalize on the best positions for sleepingdiscover right away the position to … Read more

Meditation for sleep: everything you need to know

Meditation for sleep everything you need to know.webp

Verified on 09/20/2022 by PasseportSanté The secret of meditation is, above all, knowing how to welcome the present moment… Today very established both in the United States and in Europe, mindfulness meditation, for example, also known by the acronym MBSR for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, has fully demonstrated its health benefits, and the scientific evidence regarding … Read more

Fall asleep quickly: Here are 5 techniques to spend a quiet night without sleep problems

Fall asleep quickly Here are 5 techniques to spend a

It’s normal to take about 10-20 minutes to drift off to sleep. However, if you’ve ever struggled with insomnia, you might be wondering how to fall asleep fast. Although your specific characteristics and needs may influence your habits, putting a few proven methods into practice can ensure a calm and restorative night. We are going … Read more

Sleep disorders: causes and consequences

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Verified on 08/09/2022 by PasseportSanté Insomnia, hypersomnia, hyposomnia… Sleep disorders affect more and more French people. However, poor quality sleep has an impact on daily life. What causes sleep disorders? What are the symptoms ? How to cure it ? Study: 1 in 3 people suffer from sleep disorders According to an Inserm study published … Read more

Sleep: this magic and ultra simple trick to fight against insomnia, according to a doctor

Good Fortune modern mysticism according to ViktorRolf Auparfum

A majority of French people admit to having already suffered from sleep disorders. It’s very annoying, especially when you have a busy day the next day. Not being able to sleep irritates, stresses, can put us in all our states. Several solutions exist to find the arms of Morpheus. But on TikTok, a doctor gives … Read more

What to do to relax on vacation? Physical activities, sleep, diet, breathing, relaxation…

What to do to relax on vacation Physical activities sleep

It is important to rest well during the holidays. It is necessary to take advantage of the holidays to do physical activities, to have a good sleep and a good diet. physical activities To make the most of your vacation, it is important to to rest and of take care of your body. Physical activity … Read more