Dawn dating: this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie that takes the pressure off the first date

In 2022, alcohol is no longer fashionable, including on our dates. A new trend seems to be taking shape and, today, we meet love even before having had our coffee. If the idea of ​​seeing your crush fresh seduces you, here are some tips for testing “dawn dating”!

Et if you traded your glass of wine for a coffee to go? Many singles seem to be turning away from regular dates to embrace a new trend: dawn dating, or see you at dawn in French. The idea? Propose to your crush a meeting before 10 am… And even if sleep is sacred, this new way of dating seems to have many advantages – and allows us to escape more easily if the crowded metro attracts us more than our crush!

Half of singles have dated before 10 a.m.

According to a study conducted by the Badoo dating site and relayed by Cosmopolitan, 51% of single people would have had a date before 10 a.m. and 71% of those polled would be impressed if they were offered. And, no, we’re not talking about going home with your crush after the stroke of midnight: here, we’re asking you to sleep and get ready only for this meeting – then for the working day what awaits you next! And although a glass of wine can help you relieve stress of a romantic date, I promise, a date at breakfast time can even save you from making a few bad decisions… But, after all, nothing prevents you from finding yourself at the PMU at 8 am!

“For a long time dates were just for parties, but we’re seeing a real change in the way we date today, and ‘dawn dating’ seems to be the last way for singles to bond” , analyzes Natasha Briefel, director of marketing at Badoo UK interviewed by The Independent.

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An original way to start the day (and a relationship)

If the idea of ​​seducing even before having drunk your three morning coffees does not necessarily delight you, dawn dating has many advantages. For some people singles who have tried, it is even out of the question to return to the traditional “afterwork” date. According to the followers, this practice would be “more economical”, less stressful and more original.

Singles also find they feel better on a morning date and, most importantly, they don’t feel like they have to sacrifice their social life to find love. Significant advantage: if your date goes badly, you can always pretend an important appointment for work and leave your date hastily. And to turn your date into christmas tv movieyou can have your breakfast to go and go for a walk in a park!

According to Dr Audrey Tang, a psychologist interviewed by Subway UKIe dawn dating allows you to better project yourself into a relationship: “Go out with someone in the morning, whether for have a drink or having breakfast before work, or going to a morning class, running or swimming already shows that you are comfortable with the morning routine. (…) It can have huge benefits later on, if your lives are more intertwined, because it can be a lot easier to plan things together”. And then, after all, if you get along well after just a tea or a coffee… Maybe it’s made to last!

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Dawn dating: this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie that takes the pressure off the first date

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