Body balance: the new trend to slim down and relax

Body Balance is the practice of a fitness activity which puts more emphasis on gentle gymnastics. It is more about relaxation and more like Yoga and Tai-chi. Its practice has positive consequences both mentally and physically and also allows a liberation of the body.

In this article, let’s zoom in on the body balance practice and its consequences on health.

Where does Body Balance come from?

Complete fitness with a variety of activities, the Body Balance revolves around 3 phases:

It is an activity that was invented by the New Zealand athlete Leslie Mills, who also created Body Combat and Body Pump to her credit. All his concepts are carried by the name of his company Les Mills.

What are the features of Body Balance?

the Body Balance is an activity that has the particularity of strengthen the thighs and the buttocks, to work even more on suppleness and elasticity. With a sharp process on the muscles, we tend to lengthen our figure and at the same time stretch our spine. It allows you to work several members of the body simultaneously.

As part of a fitness programa body balance session allows lose about 400 calories.

And to have concrete results, training must be done 3 times a week and for 3 months.

Therefore, a body balance class lasts 60 minutes maximum and is generally practiced in a group thanks to the choreography of the coach. At first, we start by warming up the body with Tai-chi followed by Yoga. (Like we’re saluting the sun)

Where to practice it?

the Body Balance took its roots in Europe through the Les Mills group and very quickly expanded to the rest of the world. It is a sporting activity that is practiced in many Fitness rooms with the assistance of a qualified coach to follow the movements and adjust them according to the basic objectives. Generally, it is practiced barefoot to promote better support on the ground.

The three-legged dog, the cobra and the position of the warrior, are among others body balance poses which have the main objectives of stretching the body and strengthening the muscles.

Therefore, the question of his practice at home, alone, arises!

Indeed, the Body Balance can be practiced at home without problem after taking a few lessons. Therefore, no problem of space arises as to its practice. The main thing is to have followed the coach’s instructions, to integrate them well and to feel comfortable on a particular exercise chosen.

Who is it for?

the Body Balance is excellent for those who want to free themselves, relax and at the same time need greater flexibility. It is also considered an effective way to relax and “let go”.

And for athletes, it’s a good supplement apart from physical exercises.

For office professionals, because of the mental and psychological pressure, this practice can be of useful importance.

Besides, the Body Balance is an activity that can be practiced by everyone. Thanks to the softness of these movements, its practice makes no distinction of age or physical condition. Each person who practices it can progress at their own pace. And people of advanced age who complain of back pain or joint problems can also practice body balance.

Managing to keep more and more upright positions for a very long time with a correct rhythm of your breathing, here are the main objectives of a body balance session.

However, for pregnant women, seniors and overweight people, it is advisable to contact a health professional or a sports coach to be better accompanied and take full advantage of the benefits of Body Balance.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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Body balance: the new trend to slim down and relax

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