Conceiving a baby from an astrological sign, a new trend

The astrological sign is a new factor that couples take into consideration when they want to have a baby. If the search for first names was the subject of great discussion, now they first seek to agree on the signs of the zodiac.

Horoscope and astrological sign to know the baby before birth

When couples learn that they are expecting a baby, they are overwhelmed with great impatience to meet him. Sometimes they want to know the baby before it’s even born. Curiosity about sex, eye color and hair color becomes an obsession. Driven by this curiosity, the most skeptical couples consult astrology sites (study of the stars, planets and constellations), during pregnancy, in order to know the character of their future baby. Budding astrologers on social networks advise to be wary of certain signs, whether in love or in friendship. One more reason that pushes parents to think about the astrological sign of their future child so that they don’t have to raise a child whose astrological sign they don’t like (Aquarius, Taurus, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra , Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo, etc.).

Superstition: certain signs of the zodiac are not envied by pregnant women

Gemini would be the least liked, but other signs are also affected by the trend such as Pisces or Scorpios. Geminis are said to have split personalities, Scorpios are said to be manipulative, and Pisces are said to be highly emotional. The future parents avoid these compatibility problems in order to ensure that their children have these personalities and choose a more appreciated astrological sign. The aim is to enable children to integrate more easily into society. No zodiac sign is perfect, however astrology fans lean more towards Libras, Capricorns and Taurus. These zodiac signs are endowed with several qualities recognized by this society.

Social networks: the pregnancy and astrology trend is gaining momentum on TikTok

Several women post videos on TikTok to announce that they would not agree to get pregnant until such and such a specific month. This decision is made based on the astrological sign of their baby. Other women, already pregnant, film themselves trying to avoid giving birth on a certain date. These videos are all the rage on the social network even though no hashtag has been launched for this new trend. The astrological sign is very important in pregnant women. This is why they try at all costs to choose the right one for their future baby. If the baby is already conceived, information and videos on how to bring up your future child according to his astrological sign can be found on the Internet or in astrology books. An astral theme is also an alternative for learning the characters of a newborn.

Remember, however, that the signs of the zodiac and the astrological signs are based on beliefs and that astrology is not considered a science. Regardless of the date of conception and the date of birth of baby, each child has its own character.

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Conceiving a baby from an astrological sign, a new trend

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