At night, the French often dream of cheating on their partner

1660043440 At night the French often dream of cheating on their

According to a survey by Sleep Seeker carried out last June, most French people go “see elsewhere” during the night. Indeed, erotic dreams take the form of adultery and say a lot about the married life of men and women. Can we reasonably attribute to our dreams an impact on our lives? Does dreaming of … Read more

Impressive video of an accident in a famous French amusement park, a cable breaks, the passengers inside

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The accident in the amusement park in the Netherlands on May 27, 2022 left several injured. A month later, a similar event occurs in France. On the night of Saturday June 25 to Sunday June 26, 2022, around 12:20 a.m., an accident occurred in the famous Luna Park amusement park in Fréjus, in the Var. … Read more

French women are more and more unfaithful, according to a study!

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This study about infidelity carried out by Gleeden involved 6,000 individuals statistics distributed throughout Europe. The adulterous dating site had in this investigation particularly targeted heterosexual people living on the big continent. Precisely in order to establish what kind of person according to his sex would be the most unfaithful. The figures had thus indicated … Read more

The French withdrawal from Mali, an extraordinary forced march maneuver

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#Mali : Dozens of containers, armored vehicles as far as the eye can see on the sides, incessant ballet of forklifts: it’s the excitement on the French military base (BAP) of Niamey, in Niger, transit point for equipment leaving Mali that France must leave within a few weeks. Exit the vast anti-jihadist operations long carried … Read more

Here is the dream (not very moral) that the French have most often

Here is the dream not very moral that the French

What do the French really dream about at night? To determine it, impossible to invite themselves into their bed. But the volumes of queries they make on Google about their dreams can turn out to be sizeable clues. This is precisely the method employed by the English firm of bedding accessories Sleepseeker, which analyzed the … Read more

“Rediscovering the unity of the world”: a ceremony of the Mandala of light for the first time in French Guiana – Guyane la 1ère

Rediscovering the unity of the world a ceremony of the

For the first time will be held in Guyana, the realization of a Mandala of light, on the initiative of the association Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche. An association that works for the preservation of traditional Tibetan medicine and the transmission of the sacred values ​​of the Millennial Wisdom Teachings. This ceremony will be sponsored by Thierry … Read more

Edmond Rostand: the author of Cyrano, the greatest French playwright?

Edmond Rostand the author of Cyrano the greatest French playwright

BIOGRAPHY EDMOND ROSTAND – Author of plays and poems, Edmond Rostand is known for his play Cyrano de Bergerac. His wife Rosemonde Gérard was a poet recognized for her great talent. Summary Short biography of Edmond Rostand – Edmond Rostand was born on April 1, 1868 in Marseille. Coming from the Marseille bourgeoisie, the playwright … Read more

French excellence: concept 1900, the laws of attraction

At the head of the Saint-Gobain merry-go-round factory in Aisne for forty years, Philippe Legrain now reigns over the world market for retro carousels. His job is to offer dreams to young and old. Two minutes and thirty seconds of happiness, the precise time of a carousel ride. With his French company, Concept 1900, and … Read more

Julie Andrieu unpacks everything about her childhood lived with a great French personality

This Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the media program 10 a.m. to noon from Sud Radio invited Julie Andrieu. On this occasion, the food critic made some revelations about his private life. Currently in a relationship with Dr Delajoux, she previously lived with a big name in French cuisine. We tell you everything! At the microphone … Read more