Astrological compatibility: this dating application helps to find a partner according to his birth chart

Astrological compatibility this dating application helps to find a partner

28% of French people believe in astrology*. And this “discipline having as its object the study of the correlations between the configuration, the favorable or harmful quality of the geocentric sky during a terrestrial event (…) and the nature, the developments of this event”** invites itself even in romantic relationships. 16% of men and 6% … Read more

Dawn dating: this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie that takes the pressure off the first date

Dawn dating this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie

In 2022, alcohol is no longer fashionable, including on our dates. A new trend seems to be taking shape and, today, we meet love even before having had our coffee. If the idea of ​​seeing your crush fresh seduces you, here are some tips for testing “dawn dating”! Et if you traded your glass of … Read more

Avranches: the first Job Dating, successful, calls for another

Avranches the first Job Dating actufr successful calls for another

By Pascale Brassinne Published on 11 Oct 22 at 16:58 The Channel Gazette See my news Follow this media La Gazette de la Manche welcomed around 300 people to its first Job Dating on Wednesday October 5, 2022 in Avranches. ©Pascale BRASSINNE On Wednesday October 5, 2022, the Victor-Hugo room in Avranches (Manche) hosted the … Read more

Manifest dating: what is this miracle technique to find the love that is all the rage? – Grazia

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Should we trust the law of attraction to find love? The concept that it would suffice to desire something very strongly to attract it to oneself may seem completely surreal to the most Cartesian, but 71% of French people firmly believe in the power of positive visualization. According to a survey conducted by the dating … Read more

On dating applications, it “matches” according to the astrological sign

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(ETX Daily Up) – The astrological sign has become a criterion like any other in the search for love. This is also one of the first topics of discussion on dating apps to break the ice. Singles, especially the youngest, do not hesitate to trust the stars before “matching”. To the point that certain specialized … Read more

“Manifest dating”: what if positive thinking allowed you to find love?

Visualization, Law of Attraction, Positive Thinking: Call it what you want, but it seems flirting with your crush is possible. How ? Thanks to a technique that seems to have many followers: “Manifest Dating”. D‘after one study by the Badoo dating app in August 2022, in partnership with the Focaldata polling institute, the French registered … Read more

Dating at the witch court – Jeune Afrique

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It was a priori an impossible task: to film the invisible. Yet this is what filmmakers Corto Vaclav and Hadrien La Vapeur have been working on for several years, filming in Congo-Brazzaville. They made original documentaries there, evoking mysticism, black magic and witchcraft through a look at the practices and conflicts linked to these ubiquitous … Read more