The Phoenix takes you to the top of the manga at Delcourt

1674322321 The Phoenix takes you to the top of the manga

Osamu Tezuka is a manga reference and he deserved a prestige edition. The editions Delcourt immersed themselves in this work and now offer Phoenix, the firebirdthe favorite saga of the Japanese master. Phoenix, the firebird: a titanic project Unlike other series by screenwriter and illustrator Osamu Tezuka, Phoenix is not a continuous set but a … Read more

Animation – The Night of Sorcerers, in Bué, takes up the torch after two years of absence

Book The great minds of the Revolution meet

It is well known, the deep Berry is full of centuries-old stories of witchcraft, which continue to feed a folklore that is, to say the least, alive. Since 1946, in Bué, the Night of the Sorcerers has been celebrated in this way, which recalls the half-fantastic, half-real times when witches and birettes met, the Sabbath … Read more

Azrael Takes On Shocking New Form As Gotham’s Old Testament Angel | Pretty Reel

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genres Worst New Trend

Besides being beautifully terrifying, this new angelic form signals the start of a new era for Jean-Paul Valley and Azrael the Avenging Angel. Finally, Azrael has revealed his true form as Jean-Paul Valley finally accepts his role as Gotham’s avenging angel. Throughout his history, Jean-Paul resisted Azrael’s conditioning, believing himself to be separate from the … Read more

For his big return to France, the artist Cyprien Gaillard takes the time head on – Les Inrocks

For his big return to France the artist Cyprien Gaillard

For the return of the child prodigy of 2010s art in France, Cyprien Gaillard is consecrated with an exhibition in two parts, at the Palais de Tokyo and at Lafayette Anticipations. A solipsistic meditation around time, ruins and renovation, imbued with the defeatist melancholy of the end of the century. It is from a bygone … Read more

Dawn dating: this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie that takes the pressure off the first date

Dawn dating this love trend worthy of a Christmas movie

In 2022, alcohol is no longer fashionable, including on our dates. A new trend seems to be taking shape and, today, we meet love even before having had our coffee. If the idea of ​​seeing your crush fresh seduces you, here are some tips for testing “dawn dating”! Et if you traded your glass of … Read more

Who takes the time to talk to children about death?

Who takes the time to talk to children about death

An opinion from Marthe Mahieu, former principal of a secondary school Halloween… Between the start of the school year and Saint-Nicolas, the opportunity to sell expensive bric-a-brac of horrors that have become unavoidable is opportunely inserted in supermarkets: skeletons, witches and cobwebs surround the sneering pumpkins of all sizes. Some deplore the abandonment of our … Read more

The Lord of the Rings: why Sauron takes the form of an eye after his defeat by Elrond and Isildur

The Lord of the Rings why Sauron takes the form

The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and now Rings of Power, Tolkien’s universe has been adapted to our screens for more than two decades now. Oscar winner, the trilogy of Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson remains one of the most cult film adaptations. A work drawn from the mysterious universe of Tolkien, … Read more

Case of the “52 billion” scam: justice takes action

Case of the 52 billion scam justice takes action

In recent times, cases of fraud and scams are increasing on social networks in a worrying way. Counterfeit goods, foreign travel, witchcraft… the gangsters of the Net do not lack imagination to trap the most gullible among us. The latest case is that of the fictitious company, BLB Finances, whose case is being heard by … Read more