This simple method that brings love and money creates the buzz… The 369 manifestation would change people’s lives and make their dreams come true

Ask the universe what you want and it will give it to you. It’s a bit of a whirlwind that’s taking TikTok right now with the method 369 demonstration. Behind these three numbers and this word is a most mystical concept of personal development. Highlighted by Karin Yee, YouTuber at the head of the channel … Read more

The law of attraction, the method that supposedly brings happiness

The law of attraction is linked to New Thought, an ancient current of religious thought that has now become a more contemporary current. This brings together a set of mystical beliefs around metaphysics, positive thinking, life force healing, visualization to personal power. It is one of the universal laws of current that is most popular. … Read more

TikTok: “magic” codes to miraculously earn money, like in The Sims

To earn money, have a perfect body or find love without moving a finger, TikTokeurs offer magic cheat codes that work if written or recited aloud. Kind of like The Sims. SIf you’ve played The Sims before, the words “motherlode”, “rosebud” and “kaching” are certainly very familiar to you. For the uninitiated, this is cheat … Read more

United States. Uvalde school shooting: Why Texas remains a “paradise” for guns

Barely two days after the monstrous slaughter which mourned the school of Uvalde, in western Texas, on Tuesday evening, it is in Houston, further east, that Friday will take place. the annual convention of the National Rifle Association, the all-powerful “NRA”the first since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the presence of Donald Trump … Read more

Adrien Taquet presents the child protection bill

Adrien Taquet presents the child protection bill

Recently, a public debate around the draft law on child protection was held at the Jules Ferry school in Asnières-sur-Seine. This discussion was moderated by Bénédicte Pételle, MP and rapporteur for the bill in question, and Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Child Protection. The two representatives of the presidential majority debated with the public … Read more

New government: the Pap Ndiaye surprise and a game of musical chairs

L’historian Pap Ndiaye to Education and a vast game of musical chairs: a month after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, and three weeks before the legislative elections, France set up a new government on Friday which oscillates between renewal and recycling . Comprising 14 men and 14 women, “it is a joint government, balanced between … Read more

Pap Ndiaye ministre, la fin du blanquerisme ? Entretien avec Grégory Chambat

Pap Ndiaye ministre la fin du blanquerisme Entretien avec

Crédits photo : Istock Grégory Chambat est enseignant en collège et co-animateur de la revue Questions de classe(s). Il est l’auteur de L’école des réacs-publicains (Libertalia, 2016), L’école des barricades (Libertalia, 2014), Apprendre à désobéir, petite histoire de l’école qui résiste (avec Laurence Biberfeld, Libertalia, 2013) et Pédagogie et révolution. Questions de classes et relecture pédagogique … Read more

Focus on the news of real estate law

Focus on the news of real estate law

Partner François Régis Fabre-Falret first gave an update on the digitization of the real estate world because the firm has “the ambition to become a small player in real estate start-ups”, particularly in the proptech and blockchain sector. The rise of blockchain in the real estate sector The lawyer has also participated in the creation … Read more