The 5th International Saharan Tourism Festival: discover the Hoggar, Tassili n’Ajjer and the Ksour

PARIS: Craftsmen, travel agencies and tourism professionals from twenty-four willayas in southern Algeria and tour operators from several African and European countries took part in the 5th edition of the International Festival of Saharan Tourism, organized from December 9 to 11, 2022 in the pearl of southern Algeria: Ghardaïa. Initiated by the Ministry of Tourism … Read more

Sleep tourism: how to explain the rise of this new travel trend?

Sleep tourism how to explain the rise of this new

Forget guided tours of historical monuments, tastings of local gastronomic specialties or even walks in breathtaking natural spots: the latest trend in tourism is “sleep tourism” in English. – if we are to believe the articles that have been springing up lately in the international press. ⋙ Quiche Lorraine, moussaka, goulash… What is the carbon … Read more

Tourism: what will be the travel trends in 2023?

1668684955 Tourism what will be the travel trends in 2023

Unmissable spots, accommodation in sight, financial concerns of travelers and even trips to virtual worlds: at the end of 2022, tourism players are starting to see more clearly about the trends for the year 2023. A few ways to imagine tomorrow’s journey. The 10 top destinations for 2023 according to Are you looking for … Read more

Mexico, bastion of new age tourism in a world in crisis

Mexico bastion of new age tourism in a world in

Mesoamerican traditions, oriental wisdom, new age spiritual fusions: among the most visited countries in the world, Mexico fascinates a special kind of tourists, travelers in search of themselves away from a world in crisis. >> Mexico: for the 1D times, a woman at the gates of the presidency >> Inflation devours potatoes from Peru and … Read more

Interview. Businesses, tourism: Thomas Gourlan bets on the attractiveness of Sud-Yvelines

Interview Businesses tourism Thomas Gourlan bets on the attractiveness of

By Writing The News Published on 6 Oct 22 at 6:16 78news See my news Follow this media Thomas Gourlan, President of Rambouillet Territories. (©Rambouillet Territories) News: Rambouillet Territoires has launched a major project for the management of rainwater in the Groussay district of Rambouillet, which goes hand in hand with the new wastewater treatment … Read more

Tourism: a good summer season in Marseille despite persistent tensions – Gomet’

Tourism a good summer season in Marseille despite persistent tensions

The word came up several times on the table. Marc Thépot, President of the Marseille Tourist Office and Laurent Lhardit, Deputy for the Economy and Sustainable Tourism, have agreed on the term of “peaceful tourism” to qualify the Marseille summer during a press conference on September 15 at the Palais de la Bourse. But the … Read more

Tourism in Saint Martin is making a comeback after Irma

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Although there is still work to be done, this unshakeable island is ready to welcome visitors with new infrastructure, renovated resorts and unparalleled natural beauty. St. Maarten, the half-Dutch, half-French jewel of the Leeward Islands, has been a popular vacation destination for Americans since the 1950s. 5 Irma raged on the island for eight whole … Read more