We talked about love compatibility with Nabilla: “Astrology guides you” – Elle

We talked about love compatibility with Nabilla Astrology guides you

Making an appointment to discuss astrology is a bit like going to a psychologist. We evoke, under the blow of tackles on the other astrological signs, everything that we have on the heart and in the head. As astro journalists, we are used to receiving our colleagues “in consultation”. On a corner of the desk, … Read more

Pygmalion effect: in love, at school, what is it?

Pygmalion effect in love at school what is it

The Pygmalion effect is the result of a positive belief that someone sends us back and that we will unconsciously appropriate to increase our abilities. It improves confidence in the evening. What is the Pygmalion effect? Who invented it? How to develop it? Discovery with Dr Béatrice Millêtre, psychologist. Summary The Pygmalion effect, a positive … Read more

Astrology: the biggest love mistakes to avoid according to your sign

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

published by Solene V – On 09 Jan 2023 at 17:00 What if astrology could save you from making mistakes in your relationships? Here are the biggest mistakes in love according to your zodiac sign! For those who believe it, astrology constantly guides them in their love, professional, financial, social… even sexual life! But when … Read more

Air, Earth, Water, Fire: your compatibility in love according to the astrological elements – Elle

Air Earth Water Fire your compatibility in love according to

Did you know: your astrological sign or sun sign is not the only detail capable of telling you more about your love compatibilities. Astrology is a wide world. A subtle art that reveals your potential, your strengths, your faults, your dreams, your ambitions or even who are the people with whom you get along the … Read more

Venus in Aquarius 2023: these 3 astro signs will see their love life TURNED UP

Venus in Aquarius 2023 these 3 astro signs will see

The first week of the year 2023 is rich in astrological movements and planetary changes. In addition to a spectacular Full Moon in the sign of Cancer which will take place on January 7th, there is today a change of residence of a planet which influences us a lot! It is Venus, the planet of … Read more

Leo rising Virgo: character, love compatibility and temperament at work

Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

Character, friendly and romantic compatibility, behavior at work… Here is everything you need to know about the astrological sign of Leo ascending Virgo. In the collective imagination, the astrological sign of Leo is often perceived as the king of the Zodiac. People who identify themselves under this sign were born between July 23, and August … Read more