Apple wants everyone to create ‘Reality Pro’ headset apps using Siri, internal demos focus on health and storytelling

Apple wants everyone to create Reality Pro headset apps using

Although it’s been widely reported that Apple’s next Reality Pro headset will have an App Store with third-party apps, Apple might have more ambitious plans. According to InformationApple wants to allow “people who don’t know computer code” to create apps for the headphones… using Siri. The report, which cites “four people who worked on the … Read more

Jessica Thivenin paid to attend the World Cup? His big focus

Jessica Thivenin paid to attend the World Cup His big

Followed by more than six million subscribers on instagram, Jessica Thivenin is unquestionably the star of Marseilles. Even if since she became a mother her participation in the program which revealed her is done sporadically, the young woman remains very popular among reality TV fans. Very active on social networks, Jessica is unfortunately not entitled … Read more

David Lynch in the spotlight right now – just focus

David Lynch in the spotlight right now just focus

Recently appeared on the big screen Mulholland Drive, masterpiece of the master David Lynch. While the continuation of his mythical series has just started to be broadcast (and is presented at Cannes), a little return on the work and the news of this renowned filmmaker. David Lynch: a style, a touch David Lynch is above … Read more

Improve your focus and concentration with an app that gets you meditating the right way. – Media Patrollers

Improve your focus and concentration with an app that gets

A team of researchers has developed a meditation app that appears to be able to improve attention, concentration and memory in young adults. L’Warning is a fundamental cognitive process in all the activities we carry out on a daily basis. A group of researchers has developed a meditation app which seems to be able to … Read more

OL: Laurent Blanc’s muscular focus on Rayan Cherki

OL Laurent Blancs muscular focus on Rayan Cherki

What’s next after this ad The new star. At 15, Rayan Cherki already looked like a great man. Talented and promising, the young man born in 2003 was followed by fans such as journalists, observers and agents. Almost everyone predicted a bright future for the player trained in Lyon. His debut at the professional level … Read more


Astrology The life of these horoscope signs will experience a

A big fatigue, a weariness of everyday life, need to take time for you? Why not do like Marie-Hélène and escape for a spiritual retreat. Marie-Hélène, 60 years old, a former teacher and school principal, has made many spiritual retreats in recent years. “The idea of ​​a spiritual retreat came to me when I was … Read more

Facial yoga: focus on this natural anti-wrinkle method

Facial yoga focus on this natural anti wrinkle method

Have you ever heard of facial yoga? This holistic treatment method tends to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to restore the face to a youthful and firm appearance. Discover the underside of this anti-aging beauty routine. From the twenties, signs of old age are slowly starting to appear. It is at this time that … Read more

Do In: Focus on this self-massage technique

Horoscope the month of July will be very very complicated

Borrowed from Japanese, Do In is a technique of relaxation and self-massage which means “the way of energy” This term comes from traditional Japanese medicine where it appeared for the first time in the book “internal classic of the ‘Yellow Emperor’. It is also called “energy toilet” insofar as it is a self-massage technique based … Read more

5 Proven Ways To Increase Your In-Game Focus — YubiGeek

As with all activities, it is very important to stay focused during your gaming sessions. And for good reason, the games are sometimes long and the distractions are never lacking. Discover in this article the 5 practices recognized and approved by experts, to improve your game concentration. practice meditation Meditation is a practice of the … Read more

Focus on the news of real estate law

Focus on the news of real estate law

Partner François Régis Fabre-Falret first gave an update on the digitization of the real estate world because the firm has “the ambition to become a small player in real estate start-ups”, particularly in the proptech and blockchain sector. The rise of blockchain in the real estate sector The lawyer has also participated in the creation … Read more