Natural painkillers: a whole guide to plants and essential oils to relieve pain

Natural painkillers a whole guide to plants and essential oils

Life without pain is beautiful! At the same time, pain is our body’s normal reaction to signaling a condition that we need to counter in some way. Nature against chemistry! What side are you on? As headaches, toothaches, knees, stomach are not spared us and accompany us on a daily basis, we must know the … Read more

BLOG – 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural beauty

BLOG 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural

WELL-BEING – Made up of 50 different muscles, our face is an exceptional tool for expressing our emotions. Just like our body, it is subject to fluctuation of our environment and the passage of time. Take care of your face He therefore needs to be kept in shape. When the yoga traditional maintains our physical … Read more

Facial sweating: causes and natural solutions

Sweating and the production of sweat are phenomena that provide three major functions within the body. They participate in: her regulation : by eliminating excess heat produced by the body; his purification : by eliminating waste circulating in the blood; her protection : by mixing with sebum, sweat forms a protection against friction. Sweating also … Read more

CBD: test Aroma-Zone’s 100% natural oil at a low price

By the editorial staff – Published on June 23, 2022 at 16:36 In the middle of stressful times right now, and yoga and meditation aren’t helping? Test CBD. Aroma-Zone offers its 100% natural CBD oil. What to discover the virtues of this substance gently. In this post-exam period, are you having trouble getting rid of … Read more