Meditation 4th Sunday of Easter Year C: “Jesus, the Good Shepherd” – Vatican News

With the Jesuit father Flavien Zolabi, let’s meditate on the texts of the 4th Sunday of Easter year C. Dear brothers and sisters, on this 4th Sunday of Easter of liturgical year C, two strong images of our Lord Jesus Christ emerge from the texts that are offered to us, particularly from the second reading … Read more

Focus on the news of real estate law

Focus on the news of real estate law

Partner François Régis Fabre-Falret first gave an update on the digitization of the real estate world because the firm has “the ambition to become a small player in real estate start-ups”, particularly in the proptech and blockchain sector. The rise of blockchain in the real estate sector The lawyer has also participated in the creation … Read more


Request for clarifications on the new “monuments” recently erected, in progress or planned in the capital city of the Republic Mr. Mayor, By renewing my sincere encouragement as well as my deep respect, as an attentive citizen of our capital Yaoundé, I take the opportunity to congratulate you once again, for having been chosen by … Read more

“The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News” – Swiss Catholic Portal

The Witch Hunt Has Developed Like Fake News – Swiss

Recent steps aim to rehabilitate witches and wizards executed in past centuries. A rather positive movement, according to the Vaudois medievalist Martine Ostorero, but which must be accompanied by a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of witch hunts, and an awareness that these mechanisms are still relevant. A Bill in the Scottish Parliament should be … Read more

New research shows no evidence of structural brain change with short-term mindfulness training Psychology and Psychiatry News

In the middle of the 20th century, new evidence showed that the brain could be “plastic” and that experience could create changes in the brain. Plasticity has been linked to learning new skills, including spatial navigation, aerobic exercise, and balance training. Still, the question of whether mindfulness interventions, such as meditation, can alter brain structure … Read more

Peace on Earth, synesthetic experience in Vienna – News – Ôlyrix

Peace on Earth synesthetic experience in Vienna News

The creation of the show “Friede auf Erden” (Peace on Earth, named after a choir composed by Schoenberg) brings together the Arnold Schoenberg Choir under the direction of Erwin Ortner and the artist Ulla von Brandenburg as part of the Weeks of Viennese Festivities (Wiener Festwochen), offering a synesthetic, dreamy and peaceful experience. This particular … Read more

Marineland bans animal advocates from entering the park – Reuters News in France and abroad

Marineland banned a number of people from its premises, some of whom have never visited Niagara Falls, Ontario, a tourist attraction, days before the facility opened for the season. A lawyer, a filmmaker and a scientist are among those who received a trespassing notice, all of which are written the same except for the names. … Read more

‘Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public’ – BBC News Africa

Women accused of witchcraft are crucified in public BBC

Harriet Orrell BBC 100 Women December 11, 2021 Photo credit, Shali Reddy image caption, Monica Paulus has dedicated her life to campaigning against violence linked to accusations of witchcraft. “They shouted in my face: ‘You killed him’”. When Monica Paulus’ father collapsed and died of a heart attack, her brother accused her of killing him … Read more

Yoga, Cycling, Paddle… activities popular with Tunisians to decompress! – Gnet news

1653079810 Yoga Cycling Paddle activities popular with Tunisians to decompress

20-05-2022 After two years punctuated by pandemic peaks and successive confinements, and the resulting consequences of economic and social crises, Tunisians are faced with daily stress. Financial pressures, difficulties in finishing the month, lack of visibility for the future… so many worries took hold of our minds… From now on, sitting on a restaurant terrace … Read more