Facial yoga: how to prevent and fight against frown lines?

Once installed, the frown line can make us look more severe than we would like. Good news: there are gentle techniques to prevent and erase it, without resorting to cosmetic surgery. One of them is the facial yoga. In his latest book I’m getting started with facial yoga – Visual guide (Editions Leduc), the yoga … Read more

BLOG – 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural beauty

BLOG 4 facial yoga postures to maintain your natural

WELL-BEING – Made up of 50 different muscles, our face is an exceptional tool for expressing our emotions. Just like our body, it is subject to fluctuation of our environment and the passage of time. Take care of your face He therefore needs to be kept in shape. When the yoga traditional maintains our physical … Read more

Facial sweating: causes and natural solutions

Sweating and the production of sweat are phenomena that provide three major functions within the body. They participate in: her regulation : by eliminating excess heat produced by the body; his purification : by eliminating waste circulating in the blood; her protection : by mixing with sebum, sweat forms a protection against friction. Sweating also … Read more

The Best Facial Yoga Exercises to Fight Wrinkles

There’s no shortage of different styles of yoga, but here’s a new type of yoga you may not have heard of before: face yoga. In addition to having potential anti-aging effects, face yoga can help you relax and relieve tension, especially in the muscles around your temples and between your eyes. (This type of tension … Read more