Do you have good concentration skills? Take this 20-second psychological test to find out!

1673886501 Do you have good concentration skills Take this 20 second psychological

On a daily basis, we live constantly surrounded by distractions of all kinds. But when we decide to focus on one thing at a time, it means we ignore all the other things going on around us. Even if you say to yourself, “I am very aware of my surroundings, I can stay focused your … Read more

Improve your focus and concentration with an app that gets you meditating the right way. – Media Patrollers

Improve your focus and concentration with an app that gets

A team of researchers has developed a meditation app that appears to be able to improve attention, concentration and memory in young adults. L’Warning is a fundamental cognitive process in all the activities we carry out on a daily basis. A group of researchers has developed a meditation app which seems to be able to … Read more

Cultiver sa concentration grâce à Petit BamBou

Cultiver sa concentration grace a Petit BamBou

  Sms, conversations multiples sur WhatsApp, notifications de médias, de réseaux sociaux…  Dans une ère d’hyperconnexion, où l’on est sursollicité, il est ô combien facile de se laisser déconcentrer, au travail, en faisant ses devoirs, en cuisinant, en lisant… Bref : tout au long de la journée !   Les chiffres En moyenne, les Français passent … Read more

5 Proven Ways To Increase Your Gaming Concentration — YubiGeek

As with all activities, it is very important to stay focused during your gaming sessions. And for good reason, the games are sometimes long and the distractions are never lacking. Discover in this article the 5 practices recognized and approved by experts, to improve your game concentration. practice meditation Meditation is a practice of the … Read more

Calm and concentration through yoga – L’Écho de la Tuque

COMMUNITY. For two months now, elementary students at -La -Tuque -High -School (LTHS) have been entitled to yoga sessions every morning. Classes are given to them by -Claudie -Rivard, owner of the Latuquoise yoga company -Lunaison. According to what we hear in this school, the benefits are numerous. Breathing, movement, postures and exercises bring not … Read more