“False mystics speak more than the real ones”

Ce nest pas evident a gerer Aria Crescendo annoncee

The cross : How do you analyze the “Virginia” phenomenon? Is it unique in France or is it part of a larger movement? Father Guillaume Chevallier: We are experiencing a large-scale test of faith. Where is God’s providence in international conflicts? In the forced marches towards an ultra-liberal and permissive society? In priestly defections or … Read more

The most mocked zodiac sign, a real victim, according to astrologers

The most mocked zodiac sign a real victim according to

Your friend may not be able to pronounce the word ” nuclear“, even if he makes great efforts. Your aunt may not be aware of the fact that she does not let others speak. Or your co-worker doesn’t realize he’s bragging when he talks about his multiple degrees and his million-dollar house. Some people are … Read more

Ghislain Fomou: “Cameroon needs a real wood industrialization policy”. – News from Cameroon

Ghislain Fomou Cameroon needs a real wood industrialization policy

Ghislain-Fomou-forestry expert In charge of programs at the NGO Support Service for Local Initiatives and Development (Salid) and also an expert at the European Forest Institute, Ghislain Fomou analyzes the decision to postpone log exports to CEMAC countries. – Advertising – The Council of Ministers of the Monetary Union of Central Africa (UMAC), announced the … Read more

Clarence House, the real home of Charles and Camilla

A few hundred meters from Buckingham, on the edge of Saint James’s Park, Clarence House erects its sober and classic white façade. Since 2003, Charles and Camilla have made it their London residence. And they don’t seem to want to give it up… Last of the great aristocratic residences of London, Clarence House was built … Read more

Real estate credit: price to pay, independence and interest… 7 misconceptions about brokers

Real estate credit price to pay independence and interest 7

Do I owe money to a broker I worked with if I don’t get mortgage? With rising rates, is it really worth going through a broker? MoneyVox answers borrowers’ most frequently asked questions on the subject. For the past few weeks, taking out a mortgage with a bank has sometimes been an obstacle course. To … Read more

Better than a real roller coaster? We played Park Beyond at Europa-Park

Better than a real roller coaster We played Park Beyond

With games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon, Theme Park, and later Thrillville, the 90s and early 00s were a great time for fans of amusement park simulators. Unfortunately, the genre has dried up a bit, but soon Limbic Entertainment is aiming to change that with Park Beyond. To mark the occasion, publisher Bandai Namco invited us … Read more

Around the exhibition on Champollion at the Louvre-Lens, real and virtual animations

Around the exhibition on Champollion at the Louvre Lens real and

the Louvre-Lens has gotten into the good habit of developing a vast entertainment program around its temporary exhibitions. This is the case with Champollion. The Louvre-Lens has designed visit support tools so that everyone can benefit from them. Its new mediation device is digital, innovative and intuitive. Virtual tour of the Abu Simbel temple. What … Read more

Horoscope: what is the real meaning of the “12 houses”, so important in astrology

Horoscope what is the real meaning of the 12 houses

In astrology, we often speak of horoscope, ascendant, or even houses. The Zodiac is indeed divided into twelve Houses and each of them represents a very specific area of ​​life, allowing better analysis of the birth chart of the native. But what is the real meaning of these 12 sections? The astrological houses play an … Read more

Real estate crisis: the price of land plunges by more than 80%! Real estate sales are collapsing… In the metaverse

Alpes de Haute Provence 4th edition of the Verdon relax festival on July

Not even a return to reality Land prices have collapsed by 80% in the metaverse, according to sector specialists. News that shows that the metaverse is indeed a world apart, not a projection of our world into the virtual. Land prices could never collapse by 80% of their value. In these virtual universes, with the … Read more