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As with all activities, it is very important to stay focused during your gaming sessions. And for good reason, the games are sometimes long and the distractions are never lacking. Discover in this article the 5 practices recognized and approved by experts, to improve your game concentration.

practice meditation

Meditation is a practice of the mind that comes to us from the lands of Asia, notably from China, India and Tibet. This aims above all to attenuate compulsive states to promote knowledge of the deep self.

For players who lack concentration, this practice can be beneficial. Unable to stay focused, some people show disconcentration by lingering on a task. Others, on the other hand, indulge in all sorts of surrounding distractions. What is not missing in physical casinos! In addition, players who are victims of deconcentration risk losing significant money to the benefit of their opponents.

So meditation improves concentration and sharpens the mind. Many studies prove the benefits of this simple practice that takes 10 minutes at most a day.

If it is preferable to adopt a seated position on the ground, legs crossed and eyes closed, it is also recommended to meditate alone in a room.

Another technique would be the contemplation of emptiness in the open air, or even the observation of silence. Choose a technique or combine them to reinforce your attention in a game situation.

Play sports

The practice of sport has many benefits for the body, but also for the mind. In addition to strengthening muscles, sport improves concentration.

Indeed, practicing a sports activity increases the heart rate and certainly the blood flow. Running outdoors promotes good oxygenation of the brain which secretes dopamine and serotonin. These two substances are responsible for attention, learning and motivation.

In addition, practicing sport facilitates the creation of new neural connections. This has an antidepressant effect and promotes cell proliferation in the hippocampus. This is the area of ​​the brain responsible for memorization. Very concretely, playing sports develops your memory capacities.

For gamers playing at a sustained pace, we recommend “soft” disciplines such as golf, yoga, archery or billiards.

Consuming caffeinated foods

A good gamer also stands out for his ability to stay awake during games. This ability is also beneficial when the game drags on.

So, to improve your alertness and promote your full concentration, it is advisable to consume products containing caffeine. This food improves endurance and boosts cognitive performance. At a controlled dose, you will still resist for hours to save your stakes or reap profits.

You will find caffeine in coffee or tea. If a cup of coffee contains between 60mg and 100mg of caffeine, green tea only contains 36mg per cup. The latter is also rich in antioxidants, which promotes the regeneration of brain cells.

However, keep in mind that overconsumption of caffeine can cause jitters and headaches. So, limit yourself to 3 cups of coffee a day.

Take dietary supplements

To increase his mental performance, the player can also consume products rich in omega-3. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory property, these fatty acids have the ability to protect the body’s cognitive functions.

In other words, eating foods like fish slows the aging of the brain, keeping it fresh and sharp longer.

This being so, it is advisable to preferably eat fish such as salmon, mackerel or trout.

An optimized intake of omega 3 will help you strengthen your memory, which, indirectly, can improve the quality of your gaming sessions. This is particularly valid in online card games, such as blackjack, where card counting is sometimes necessary. If you are a casino player, taking omega-3s can therefore be very useful. Do not hesitate to apply this strategy and test your luck on one of the French casinos listed on this site.

Sleep well every day

Sleep is restorative and we do not yet know of any real substitute. As a result, lack of sleep can cause brain system failures.

So, although it seems simple and innocuous as advice, sleeping well allows the body to rest and, in turn, to increase concentration. By adopting good sleeping habits, the player gains a certain ascendancy over his opponents.

By resting enough, it allows the brain to better assimilate the techniques learned online. This will allow him to improve quickly.


For any casino player, concentration is the basis of successful games. So, to optimize this ability, he will need to integrate a few simple habits such as drinking coffee, practicing a sports activity or even observing full and restful nights of sleep. These are intended to rest the body and alleviate cognitive interference.

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5 Proven Ways To Increase Your In-Game Focus — YubiGeek

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