Jessica Thivenin paid to attend the World Cup? His big focus

Followed by more than six million subscribers on instagram, Jessica Thivenin is unquestionably the star of Marseilles. Even if since she became a mother her participation in the program which revealed her is done sporadically, the young woman remains very popular among reality TV fans. Very active on social networks, Jessica is unfortunately not entitled only to benevolent messages.

Indeed, all this constant exposure regularly earns him harsh criticism from his detractors, who scrutinize his every move on the Web. Like these last few days, where she had to justify herself on her weight. Some Internet users considered her too thin, going so far as to suspect that she was anorexic. Remarks that she did not miss :

My body suits me very well. (…) Release people, (…) Stop inventing! I just took care to lose all those pounds and now I’m stabilized. Stop judging, it’s tiring.

She had written on Snapchat.

But now, it is for another reason that the Marseillaise had to justify herself.

Jessica Thivenin @Instagram

Paid attendance?

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022 took place the match between France and Australia, during this controversial World Cup which takes place in Qatar. Internet users were then surprised to discover Jessica and Thibault Garcia, Paga, Flo André and Vincent Queijo all gathered in the stands. And their amazement was total when they realized that Kevin Guedj, who has just broken up with Carla Moreau, was also among them. Because the parents of little Ruby had cut ties with their colleagues since the witchcraft scandal. However, according to some bloggers, all these beautiful people would not have made the trip to Qatar just to find each other better.

According to information from @navid_cherche, “Qatar would have invited influencers to promote this World Cup and the country“:

Our Marseille friends are in Qatar, supposedly for a reunion with friends. According to my moles, this is a partnership. (…) They invited many men and few women. (…) All year round, they are not calculated. In this environment, there is no friendship.

Wrote the blogger in one of his Instagram stories, before publishing the invitation that Bastos received and declined.

The Instagram account @mayamo-tv for its part affirmed that all the candidates would have been accommodated all expenses paid in the same hotel and would have each received 10,000 euros. So, were Jessica and Thibault entitled to a fee to attend the match?

“We paid for everything!”

This Thursday, November 24, 2022, the wife of Thibault Garcia spoke on Instagram to deny these allegations en bloc:

I was sent something saying that we were paid to go to the World Cup… No, I paid for my plane tickets, my match tickets, my tickets for everything! I’ll give you proof. It’s amazing the sh*t that can come out on the Internet! I am always amazed. We didn’t get a stamp, we paid for everything!

She swung in front of the camera, before sharing a screenshot of the confirmation SMS for booking her plane tickets.

So who do you think is telling the truth?

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Jessica Thivenin paid to attend the World Cup? His big focus

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