Apple wants everyone to create ‘Reality Pro’ headset apps using Siri, internal demos focus on health and storytelling

Although it’s been widely reported that Apple’s next Reality Pro headset will have an App Store with third-party apps, Apple might have more ambitious plans. According to InformationApple wants to allow “people who don’t know computer code” to create apps for the headphones… using Siri.

The report, which cites “four people who worked on the headset,” says it would be an “easy way for users” of the headset to “build their own augmented reality apps” and then publish them on the App Store. .

The report says people could use Siri to build an AR app, asking the assistant to help create something based on real objects, without having to do all the design from scratch. This includes the ability to “scan and import real-world objects into the headset so they can be accurately represented in 3D and behave as they would in real life.”

With the software tools, Apple hopes that even people unfamiliar with computer code could tell the headset, via voice assistant Siri, to create an AR app that could then be made available through Apple’s App Store. so others can download it. The tool, for example, could allow users to create an application with virtual animals moving in a room and on or around real objects without the need to design the animal from scratch, program its animations and to calculate its movement in a 3D space with obstacles.

This is similar to features already offered by Meta headsets. Quest headsets, for example, have an app called Horizon Worlds that lets users create 3D environments without coding. Plus, features similar to these have already appeared on the iPhone as part of Apple’s other augmented reality and virtual reality work.

As has already been reported by Bloomberg, Apple is also working on its own AR content for the Reality Pro headset. It will go beyond traditional TV shows and movies. Today’s report from Information adds that Apple wants content that emphasizes “health and wellness,” such as apps that help users with meditation and fitness.

People familiar with Apple’s content strategy for the headset say Apple executives are emphasizing health and wellness, including proposals for AR apps that help with meditation and relaxation. ‘practice. An early AR demo allowed users to sit in a Zen garden, the four people said.

Another early demo from Apple for executives let users navigate Dr. Seuss’ book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by blending its fantasy surroundings with the real world, according to three people who know it well.

Apple’s Reality Pro headset is expected to be announced this spring, with a consumer launch later this fall. Apple hopes to release support for creating apps via Siri alongside the headset itself. review

It’s easy to take some beatings at the idea of ​​Siri being used to build AR and VR apps for the Reality Pro headset, and some of those beatings are absolutely justified. To me, however, it sounds more like Siri would be used as the initial interface to begin the process, and then Apple would redirect users to other areas of the headset OS to continue the process.

It’s also another example of Apple being able to take AR and VR work already done on the iPhone and apply it to the headset. The Object Capture API, for example, allows users to capture objects and turn them into 3D models in just minutes. It’s easy to see the relationship between this and what’s being reported for the Reality Pro headset.

The more we learn about Reality Pro, the more intrigued I become. I was skeptical of the idea at first, but as always, it looks like Apple has some cool and powerful features in store. Today’s report from Information combined with a report from Bloomberg on Monday paints a good picture of Apple’s overall ambitions.

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Apple wants everyone to create ‘Reality Pro’ headset apps using Siri, internal demos focus on health and storytelling

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