Law of attraction: create your life with the quantum attitude

Law of attraction create your life with the quantum attitude

The only observation of the material laws could make think that we are in a world of limitations, of injustices, that so many people think it is understandable. Everything changes the day we discover that everything we can experience is intimately linked to the projection of our inner world and that our consciousness generates the … Read more

He searches our attics to create: meeting with Simon Jung, a jack-of-all-trades artist from Strasbourg

1650758342 He searches our attics to create meeting with Simon Jung

Favorite of the day: the collages of Strasbourg artist Simon Jung. In the category of artists who are underestimated because they are too discreet, we find this great curious jack-of-all-trades, who creates as much as he transforms, outside of trends. An artist designer with undeniable talent but a little disconnected from the networks, enough to … Read more