Apple wants everyone to create ‘Reality Pro’ headset apps using Siri, internal demos focus on health and storytelling

Apple wants everyone to create Reality Pro headset apps using

Although it’s been widely reported that Apple’s next Reality Pro headset will have an App Store with third-party apps, Apple might have more ambitious plans. According to InformationApple wants to allow “people who don’t know computer code” to create apps for the headphones… using Siri. The report, which cites “four people who worked on the … Read more

Bruno Le Maire must intervene to authorize Le Duff to create his factory in Brittany

Bruno Le Maire must intervene to authorize Le Duff to

Bruno Le Maire (Tschaen Eric/Pool/ABACA) Already aware of the economic and social impact, the renunciation of the industrial bakery project in Brittany by Bridor sends a very negative message for the made in France and the country’s reindustrialization policy. It’s not too late to come back to it. But it is up to Bercy to … Read more

Law of attraction: create your life with the quantum attitude

The only observation of the material laws could make think that we are in a world of limitations, of injustices, that so many people think it is understandable. Everything changes the day we discover that everything we can experience is intimately linked to the projection of our inner world and that our consciousness generates the … Read more

Samsung & Ateljé create a unique collection

Samsung Atelje create a unique collection

Get ready for the perfect blend of technology and fashion, with a real Y2K touch A it-phone, it requires a it-collab. Three years after introducing its foldable smartphones, Samsung is innovating once again with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, the ultimate smartphone for self-expression. Samsung has one clear goal: to make every creative’s life easier … Read more

Zen adult bedroom decor idea: The essentials to create a serene atmosphere + ideas in pictures

Zen adult bedroom decor idea The essentials to create a

Modern life causes stress in our daily lives, it is a fact. How to counter this evil of the century and relax as much as possible after a long stressful day? Yoga and meditation work well, of course, but it is also important to make some changes in your interior. The best solution ? Create … Read more

He searches our attics to create: meeting with Simon Jung, a jack-of-all-trades artist from Strasbourg

1650758342 He searches our attics to create meeting with Simon Jung

Favorite of the day: the collages of Strasbourg artist Simon Jung. In the category of artists who are underestimated because they are too discreet, we find this great curious jack-of-all-trades, who creates as much as he transforms, outside of trends. An artist designer with undeniable talent but a little disconnected from the networks, enough to … Read more