Amazon Presents: a reality show on astrology and a series with Jean Dujardin

The platform held its traditional conference and lifted the veil on its upcoming French productions. In 2021, Amazon Prime Video gave pride of place to French productions. Many series and films have largely contributed to establishing the position of the streaming giant in France. This is the case of Orelsan: Show Never That to Nobody, … Read more

Secret Story, Les Marseillais, Les Anges… What has become of the former reality TV stars?

Have you also forgotten these candidates who, at the time, had marked reality TV? Well know that we conducted a little investigation to find out what became of them! We all have our little darlings in reality TV. Yes oh it’s ok, don’t pretend! You too, there is bound to be a candidate in all … Read more

The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love: why do we love reality TV so much?

The Marseillais The Angels The Princes of Love why do

The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love: why are some people really addicted to this kind of show? We tell you everything! Reality shows are always popular. The Marseillais, The Angels, The Princes of Love… why do we love them so much? MCE-TV look back on their success. The success of the Marseillais The … Read more

New Moon March 2, 2022: Confronting Our Dreams With Reality

The season of Pisces has barely started, here we are forced to face reality, in this new moon march 2, 2022which invites us to clarify our feelings to understand and build the world of tomorrow. This is more or less confirmed by theastro-journalist Maressa Brown on the American site InStyle. “This period is so difficult … Read more